Friday, August 12, 2011

Ghost Hotel

Some time ago I spied an old sign down a lane in Prahran. We pass by it often. I quickly took a photo of it and added it to the Melbourne's History in Old Signs map. The lane runs off Chatham Street towards Greville Street and parallel to Chapel Street. Here is a photo of the sign. It simply says hotel.

Every time I walk past the lane, I look at the sign and wonder about it. There is no hotel in that part of Greville Street.

Then I received a marvellous out of the blue email from someone recently. She made contact with me because of my interest in the Prahran's history. She went one better than being interested. She grew up in the area and she has published her detailed and incisive memories at the City of Stonnington's website. It is a lengthy but wonderful read. Her memory is extraordinary.

It went one better, she worked in the building next door to the building that was demolished for the Highrise to be built.

I asked her about the lane hotel sign. After some time she got back to me with information. I expect had I had done some hard research, I could have found out myself.

Have I piqued your curiosity?

The hotel was called The Royal George Hotel and sat at the corner of Chapel Street and Greville Street. Can you think of a hotel like building on that corner?

This is what it looks like now.

And back in the good old days. It is still the same building but has been altered so much it is no longer recognisable. The only thing that I can see that remains is a chimney. I am obliged to the person mentioned above for her help.


  1. oh it used to look so much nicer. Shame they desecrate so many buildings.

  2. It is Fen. And this one was a particularly bad desecration.

  3. I lived in this hotel back in the early 1950s. Mum was the cook.

    It was a little different to the old photo then and I thought it was called the King George hotel.

  4. Hi Les. What a great local memory. The old photo would have been taken early 20th century and it certainly was called the Royal George then, but it could have changed its name later. Can you see your room?