Sunday, August 28, 2011

Favourite Time of Day

A blog mate recently mentioned that she? had a favourite time of day. I am writing this at midnight, so you might suppose I am a night person. I don't think I am really. I love an early night and I like seeing the sun rise and the city come to life. It is extra good to see people bashing off to work when I don't have to. Once I am no longer governed by work, I hope I am morning person who gets up early and gets out and does and achieves things, all before 11am.

But the most interesting people I have known in my life, that is the fun and wicked people are/were not morning people. They were usually too hung over to function well in the morning. They still got things done, but in the afternoon and evenings.

I could be either really. The discipline of work keeps me on the straight and narrow, but what if I didn't have that?

How about you? Are you are morning person or a night person? Are you a morning lark or a creature of the night?


  1. Viva la noche!
    Always, I've been a night creature and can recall when I was first married at 18 how we used to drive around late at night wishing things were open, but then that is a consequence of living in Oklahoma. Ah well...

  2. A simple question, but one loaded with meaning.

    In a couple with children, one must be a morning person and one must be an evening person. Otherwise the children will either go to school with dirty uniforms and no breakfast OR they will not get dinner and their homework done at night.

    Joe is bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning. He made sure the children were ready for school in good condition every morning.

    I am cranky in the morning but great in the late afternoon and evenings. If it wasn't for me, the children wouldn't have had swimming, soccer, football, guitar lessons etc etc.

  3. I wake up some 30 min. before the sun. Love the peace of early mornings. I guess since most people are still sleeping (in summer at least), all the negative energy is at its lower level!

  4. Definitely a morning person.

  5. I used to be just only up at Sparrow fart and in bed by 10pm - now I seem to be both staying up late and awake before dawn - seem to only need about 5/6 hrs. My head works best in the morning thats for sure...

  6. I'm a morning person and even turn up for my volunteering jobs an hour and more earlier than my official starting time.

  7. Either or with me, depending on what I've got planned, etc.

  8. I love being awake early befor anyone else is stirring, but I also like staying up late. So I m ix it up a bit. Stay up late when I don't have to work the next day, go to bed earlier if I do have to work, get up early all the time, but only get up before dawn on weekends now.

  9. When i was still working i loved to do night shift so then i could keep out the way of all the dropkick bosses on dayshift. Since i've retired i've become a morning person rising at the crack of dawn to watch the new day appear on the horizon :-).

  10. Anonymous6:13 pm

    I'm a morning person, ie I function best before midday but I hate getting up really early. I guess you could say I was a mid-morning person! V.

  11. Linda, yeah, I can be a person of the night. I just love the mornings too much.

    Yes, well Hels, the luxury of being able to decide which you are without it being what just has to happen. You sound like you made a good combo.

    Nice twist at the end Deep Blue.

    AdRad, doesn't surprise me.

    MC, bit like that for me too. And also, as they day goes on, I brain gets slower and slower.

    I know Victor. All you best online work is done early in the morning.

    Jayne, I had worked that out about you already. Not everyone hears Tony Delroy and Red Symons.

    River, you have to get up at times to get the light right for photos too. Morning light photos are so different to afternoon/evening light.

    Windsmoke, I know all about avoiding bosses by work times! I hope you don't rise before the sun mid summer.

    Andrew peers over his glasses and rolls his eyes at V.

  12. Anonymous9:35 pm

    Why? What did I say?? V.

  13. Mid morning person V? :-P

  14. Anonymous11:21 pm

    Yeah, I knew what you were referring to. Hard to show bemused innocense in writing! V.

  15. I've always been a night person, I love the night & the still hours where no one else is awake.

    However since starting this job I have become a morning person for the first time in my life. I wake up early and on weekends I can be out and have all my guff done by 10am. Crazy times. I just have to stop fighting it.

  16. Once a party girl Fen, always a party girl. It is rather satisfying to get heaps done early in the day.