Monday, August 08, 2011

Clearing old unpublished and unedited posts 101

Just to say, a blogger I have known and been reading for quite some time suddenly showed herself as being human when she created another blog and wrote about her travels. She became a real person in my life rather than a crusty old academic. Of course I knew she had a real life outside her basic blog, but it was very interesting to observe, and if I am nothing in life, I am an observer.

Premier Melbourne radio broadcaster Jon Faine casts aspersions on internet friendships and relationships. He is so so wrong about that. I value people I know solely on the internet. It may be a character defect of mine, but I really don't care. I like my blog friends. They interest me and stimulate me and learn me heaps of stuffs including the write way to express English scetence constriction.


  1. I'm totally with you on that.

    One of the big components of friendship is communication. You can do that quite well with the internet.

  2. Well, I certainly would never learn as much about individuals in face-to-face life as I learn by reading their blogs. Plus, it is such an opportunity to see how others think and what their values are and what they find interesting. Also, I learn a lot about myself.

  3. And we don't turn up on your doorstep looking for cake.

  4. Did somebody mention cake?

  5. mmmm cake.

    I value my internet friendships, especially as I live by myself. I have however made good friends with people I have initially met on the internet, so there Mr Faino.

  6. Quite so Dina. Initially we had something in common, that is I live in Australia and you like and know about Australia. But now it is more than that.

    Linda, learning about yourself is an interesting point and one that stands for me. Haha, reading American blogs has taught me that there is more to Americans than stereotypes, not that I really doubted it anyway, but nice to have it confirmed.

    You haven't yet Jahteh. Not yet. But being only fifty, you have a good few years left yet. My speciality is boiled fruit cake.

    River, cake is a substitute. If Jahteh did your job, she would be talking about check out chaps.

    Yeah Fen, de Faino is not always right. Although we haven't met yet, I consider you an important person in my life. (Fen throws up)Seriously, you can't read someone's blog year in and year out and not feel a connection with them.

  7. I agree. I've met people in person and online that I'd never have had the opportunity to meet otherwise and read about experiences and events that have truly moved me, made me laugh, changed my opinion etc.

    Well said Andrew.

  8. I hereby cast a really big dirty aspersion on Faine.
    what would he know about us anyhow?
    stuff him.

  9. Enriching hey Kath. I have found it to be so.

    Emstacks, he can be terribly smug at times.