Friday, July 15, 2011


Tomorrow we will travel on an Adelaide road that holds a world record. 'Tis the queerest thing. I only learned of it today.

Vodafone Adelaide = fail.

Cheers River. How did you know all gay men like lemon meringue pie. Pity about the Pablo coffee, but never mind.


  1. Mmmm. Lemon Meringue. Yes I do love it.

  2. But, I love it also. My grandmother always used to make it for me.

  3. Oh, yum!
    Don't forget to bring some slices back for us here :P

  4. I love it too. And it's a bit complicated to make. So I don't have it often. Would love some please.

  5. Sounds like everyone likes it. My scientific study is flawed.

  6. Maybe we're all cunningly disguised gay men ...

    Can't wait to hear what Adelaide road and what world record!!! Is it something to do with the Grand Prix??

  7. What Adelaide Road would that be??
    South Road because it's so very long?
    Portrush Road because it's so incredibly busy?

    I haven't seen Pablo coffee here for years. Do you still get it in the East?
    Lemon Meringue Pie is a favourite with almost everyone I know.

  8. KN, does not travel well I'm afraid.

    Nothing to do with the GP Red and none of those either River. Hint: We were taking a day trip to somewhere with the initials VH. I think Pablo might be history, thank goodness.

  9. I like savoury, not sweet.... lol.
    Vodaphone sucked long ago and I switched to Optus and never looked back. Enjoy your trip xoxo

  10. Should you feel like turning Japanese, I can heartily recommend eating at 'Kenji'.

  11. Fair call Cazzie and a good descriptive word, sucks.

    LS, it looks fine, except we don't eat Japanese food. We managed to avoid it throughout Japan, almost.

  12. 'VH'? if you said HV I would guess hahndorf Village but I don't know that it has a world record.
    I hope you have a lovely time, wherever it is.
    I am on Flinders beach and my new friend is a very bold kookaburra.

  13. Hmm an Adelaide road... I can think of two possibilities...

    King William Street? Widest city street or something like that.

    or is it...

    That one way freeway thing. The designers sure had an only in Adelaide moment when coming up with that one...

  14. Is it something to do with the Victor Harbor Rd and how many fatal crashes there've been on it??

  15. Kookas, great Ann. Take some meat next time.

    Ben, you've got it, the one way freeway that changes direction.

    See Ben's comment Red. It would not surprise me about fatal crashes on the road to VH though.