Sunday, July 31, 2011

Go the tigers

Well, I don't actually support Richmond football team. I don't really support any football team. This makes me a bad Melburnian and a possible suspect as being a gay, or at least theatrical. I am at the bottom of the heap, along with a just arrived foreign student from Bangalore. I do know of one fool or two who support Richmond.

ABI Brother skimmed through some football history book. One of us, he cried. It took a wee bit of research, but apparently our great Uncle played for Richmond but better still, our great grandfather was made a life member of Richmond, for services rendered. He died eight years before I was born.

Suppose that is why my father was a Richmond supporter. Wish he had told me why and a bit of the history. All the things my father never told me are now coming up on the internet. Perhaps if he focused less on getting me married to the local nurse and more on what I might be interested in, we may have had a better connection.

Ah well, your Dad is your Dad, better or worse. No probs.


  1. Hello Andrew:
    You are not alone. We have not, we are afraid to say, any interest whatsoever in football. And our relationships with our fathers could not be described as close!

  2. JayLa, I think your version of football is a bit different to ours, but I know nothing. What did that lass say on Midsommer tonight? My parents were junkies in the sixties. Oh that I had such interesting parents.

  3. Maybe Andrew but junkie dad killed junkie mum in MM.

  4. Victor, that had not happened when I wrote the above.

  5. Anonymous10:33 pm

    I was a huge Tigers fan growing up! The whole family loved footy and we went as often as possible. V.

  6. An aspect to you V that I did not know. I guess you weren't looking at footballer's thighs.