Sunday, July 10, 2011

A fry up

A fry up is perhaps an English term, but it is well embraced in Australia. We like a good fry up but tend to avoid them as all that fat laden meat is not good for you. Is a mixed grill Australian? A lamb chop, a beef steak, and a sausage of dubious merit. Better whack in some bacon too. There must be something in the pan to offend every religion.

I am salivating at the thought, even though I have never had a mixed grill.

A fry up is a very basic meal and we in the Highrise fry rarely. But when we do, we have a marvellous fry pan that has served us well for many years and cost $6 at a camping shop. It is so well seasoned that little oil is needed. It never sees soap suds, only a wipe out with paper towel.

Our wok is old too and also well seasoned. It came with a ring to support it over a normal gas burner on the stove but the Highrise has a wok burner with the hotplates, and so the supporting ring was chucked years ago.

Our old frypan and wok were very cheap and are not flash, but do the job very well.


  1. Never had a mixed grill?

    Mmmmm, are you sure you are Australian?

  2. We use fry to fried nasi Goreng..hehe

  3. It is much more Australian, and healthier, to take the exact same foods and grill them under a griller. Bung in some tomatoes sliced in half. Allow ALL fats to drip off into the pan below.

    Not bad for a non-meat eater, hey? You didn't think I would know this stuff :)

  4. Victor, I really don't think I ever have had a mixed grill. Psst, careful, there are herbivores reading.

    Bali, that sounds delicious.

    Hels, we usually do grill everything, outside on the barbe. Let me guess, someone close to you is a meat eater.

  5. It isn't a mixed grill without a fried egg, fried tomato halves and chips.
    Love the frypan, I have a similar one. Cast aluminium, with all the non-stick coating worn off through use and scrubbing. Best pan ever.
    I need a wok.

  6. Our new kitchen has one of those wok attachment thingies, so now I need to get a wok but a proper one from a proper Chinese shop, like at the markets.
    Mick's Grill? You'd have to ask Mick. ;)

  7. River, quite right about the mixed grill. We have had a few non stick pans that eventually failed, and we did not keep them.

    Foxy, don't waste money on an expensive wok. Cheap ones do the job.