Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 7 Saturday 16th

It was a cracker morning when we woke on Saturday, by far the best weather day of our holiday and luck had it that this was the day we had chosen to go to Victor Harbour.

We had business to do in the park office first, sorting out payment for our Monday tour as the office had tried to debit my credit card, the one I paid the deposit for the cabin with, and then subsequently lost (and real time, Mother rang me today to say she had received a letter that her health insurance premium had not been paid. Again a problem with the lost credit card).

I mentioned to the nice office lass that we were going to Victor Harbour. She asked if I knew which way to go. I did, which may not have been the quickest way, but the clearest to me. She suggested another route. All I heard was Brighton Road, not the way I intended going. It is well signed, she said.

It was not. I turned off onto Diagonal Road, thought I was wrong and used a cross street to get back to Brighton Road. Diagonal Road was correct. Eventually using a cross road we got onto the correct road after a realised we were going to be travelling along the west coast. No freeway appeared and we travelled on the main road to Victor Harbour. I think it was Red who indicated it was quite a dangerous road. Yes, it was steep and winding. At times it was so steep that the car was using third gear to get up hills. I was wishing I had six cylinders or at least a bigger donk.

Victor Harbour was very nice. After some refreshment, we caught the horse tram across the water on what I think is referred to as a causeway, but to my mind, it is a long connecting bridge. Slow strollers overtook us as the horse plodded across the bridge. We climbed up the steep hill to see the views, which were wonderful. We shared a meal back at the cafe and fought off the marauding seagulls who had designs on our fish and chips. A breeze was starting to pick up and it was getting a bit chilly. We walked back across the bridge to the car and took a circuitous route out of town.

Blog mates most kindly suggested places to see and go in Adelaide. I printed them out and had them with me, but we didn't have much time there for optional extras. Fen mentioned seeing Port Elliot, a couple of kilometres from Victor Harbour. I am so glad we did. It was really nice, and not overwhelmed by day trippers. We drove around and checked out Freeman's Knob! I can see within a few years that both towns will be joined by housing developments. I'm glad we saw it as it is with ugly swamp in between.

Heading home. Remember my tease that I posted while we were in Adelaide? A road that holds a world record? It is the Southern Expressway and Ben guessed it. I had been looking at maps the night before and clicked on a link to the Southern Expressway. It is the longest road of its kind in the world. It is a one direction freeway that changes direction. Weekdays it flows to bring cars into Adelaide in the morning, closes for an hour and half and then reverses direction to bring people out of Adelaide. Weekends, it does the opposite. I was amazed at the stupidity, even though its direction of flow suited us. To inaccurately quote Mark Twain as he was raised from his slumber to change trains at the break of railway gauge between Sydney and Melbourne, 'What paralysis of Parliamentary intellect....'. I understand that the SA Premier announced in 2010 that the expressway would be duplicated, but there were no signs of works. The Expressway did give us a fast trip home.

Dinner. I expected R might cook, but no, it is Saturday night, we are going out for dinner. We went to a hotel in Glenelg, the Irish Pub. I think. I had the best pepper steak I have ever eaten. I didn't take a photo of it. I should have. I imagine in summer the place would really go off. We nearly went upstairs but I turned back as soon as I heard loud music. The guard was quite happy to let us in, at our age.

That's a wrap for Saturday.

Later edit: Whoops, apparently Victor Harbor is spelt without the u in harbour. Thanks Dina.

If you came here from Red's most excellent post about Australian islands, you can go back by clicking here.

Our high speed public transport arrives at the Victor Harbour terminus.

Strollers passing us by.

Almost on the Granite Island.

I am not sure why it is called Granite Island.

Looking west from a high point on the island.

Looking back towards Victor Harbour township.

The smutty schoolboy in me likes the name Freeman's Knob at Port Elliot.

A view of Horseshoe Bay with Port Elliot houses in the distance.

I thought these flowering plants were what I know as red pokers, but when I saw some closer, they appear to be a type of succulent.

As we exited the Irish Pub in Glenelg where we dined, we wondered what the Jetty Hotel was like. It looked nice at night.


  1. I remember the day we crossed the causeway to Granite Island. We'd just moved to Adelaide from Melbourne and K wanted to show the kids the penguins. So he drove us at full speed to Victor, parked the car and we all walked across to the island. We looked at the penguins for about 10 minutes, found a kiosk and ate icecreams while walking around a bit, then it was back across thecauseway and zipping along home again in time for K to watch the footy. I was most disappointed, since I'd expected a full day's outing.

  2. Anonymous6:26 pm

    No grey and drear day here! What a beautiful sky!

    Re being let into places now that one is older and mature:
    Without wishing to be too personal, are you of an age where they keep offering you 'seniors' rates? Most disconcerting. I'm a whole 4 years away but my husband occasionally said that we were seniors (HE is; I'm not!). What really worried me was that no-one scoffed "Ah- she COULDN'T be". Obviously I look as if I could.

  3. ohh it alllooks lovely.I want to there just for the tram ride !!!
    great photos!!

  4. River, you was properly cheated. You must go again and do what you want, when you want.

    Judge, I am still a few years short, and up until three weeks ago I never had been offered. I'll get to post about the incidents and let others have a laugh at my expense. I would say you look well short of being a senior.

    IWBY, while it was good, it was a pretty cold day. Cozy in the tram though.

  5. aaaw now I'm all "holiday sick" and I want to go to Port Elliot! I havent' been in quite some years and a friend told me it is becoming more and more developed. Damn humans!

  6. Fen, I can't recall the main street off the main road, but gee, I remember thinking what a bank of cars there would be in midsummer when cars are trying to right and left onto the main road.