Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 10 Tuesday 19th

We had decided to drive straight home from Adelaide, an eight hour trip, we had heard. Hmm, don't really want to drive in heavy peak traffic out of Adelaide and nor did we want to arrive back in Melbourne in evening peak traffic, so that meant either leaving early to miss both peak periods or late to depart and arrive after both peak periods. We chose the former and with a stop here and there the total trip time was nine and a half hours.

We were out of the park before seven and a shower or two hit us as we climbed the Adelaide hills. We stopped near Horsham for lunch and another place for an early afternoon tea. Where is the rotunda? C'mon Ann.

Ah yes, I was going to mention Stobie poles for those of you unfamiliar with them. South Australia was not blessed with many forests of termite resistant timber to make electricity poles as were commonly used elsewhere. So, one James Stobie invented a pole made of two lengths of steel bolted together but not touching and the centre gap was filled with concrete. Stobie poles are very widely used from our observations.

Here is a Stobie pole in Hahndorf.

A close up of one in Military Road, West Beach. The galvanised pipes are not a normal part of the pole.

The answer to the question about the rotunda was correctly guessed, or known, by Lad Litter.

Here is the old fire station.


  1. I'm going to take a wildstab at the rotunda being in Beaufort, but it could be in any country town.

  2. Lad got it right, :)

  3. Did you get a pic of the Big Garage Sale store too? Amazing building that one :)

  4. Well done Lad. The last stop before home.

    If you were here first Cazzie, then you would have. I don't know of the other building Cazzie. I did also take a photo of fire station. I am just adding it now.