Saturday, June 04, 2011

What is it?

Tradie Brother is rather fond of creating curiosities. He had a post painted like barbers pole only in blue and white and it was stuck into the lawn. If you looked at it, you could see many names written upon it with a carpenter's pencil. My name was added when I asked what it was for.

He also once grew the tallest rose on the Mornington Peninsula, maybe the world. He trained a single leader of a rose up a pole, up to over thirty metres in the sky. It showed on the various aerial mapping sites.

No one can enter his kitchen for the first time without exclaiming, 'What happened to your fridge?' It used to be a beer fridge and sat outside and must have become wet at times.

What about the black box attached to it? I have learnt not to ask, but eventually he had to tell me. In the close up photo, you can see a slide that coins were inserted into, the slide was pushed across and the money dropped into the box. But what was it for?


  1. The black box is to "put your money on the fridge" everytime you grab a beer, a la Ted Bullpitt?

  2. Hello Andrew:
    How wonderful Tradie Brother sounds to be. One of the world's eccentrics who, in our view, add so much to the richness of life.

    Now the fridge and black box.....?!

  3. What a lovely eccentric lad. Is it an electricery box? You put the money in and the electricery comes out?

  4. I think it's probably a door release mechanism. No money, no beer.

  5. Judging by the outside...I'd be very reluctant to put any food in that fridge.

  6. Jayne, that is what I thought.

    Jane, not eccentric, just drinks too much.

    Fen, you are technically correct, but what does it power?

    That is what it should be River.

    AdRad, the inside was clean. Cleanest fridge in the house that I have ever seen.