Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Not so exciting day off

I am excited. I have a day off tomorrow. They seem rare and far apart. I wish I had time to go out somewhere and see something interesting. Instead in the morning I must iron chothes, clean my shower, and clean the stove top. Mostly eating at home means our kitchen gets used, big time, and needs cleaning often. Oh yes, the dishwasher needs cleaning too. Only those who have one understand that. Arggh, so does the washing machine. How does a machine that cleans your clothes get so dirty?

In the afternoon I will visit Mother, fifty minute trip there, probably sixty minute trip home. I'd rather be home and go out for a walk when R gets home. We could have coffee in Park Street South Yarra after a walk along the gorgeous Park Street. We could go to Albert Park Lake. We could wander the streets of South Melbourne. Our printer ink is new, so no need to go to Officeworks in Kingsway.

Nah, Mother has hurt her neck winding the clothes line up and down. It is ABI Brother's fault. He had not visited the Singer sewing machine shop to get oil for the clothes line mechanism. 'Andrew, I try not to use the clothes dryer. The clothes must be wound high for them to dry. The cats play with the washing if they can reach it.'

Wish me luck.


  1. Nail it into place on the paling fence.
    Let it be a challenge for your mother's biceps to reel it in.
    Think of it as "cardiac exercise".
    Or not.
    Let the felines have their wicked way :P

  2. My Hills hoist has been at the same height for the last 20 years with no oil so I don't think it would move now.
    It's how I know I'm shrinking, I seem to have to reach higher to hang clothes.

  3. "I'm on my feet all day. I don't need cardiac exercise", says she Jayne.

    Like most people's Jah Teh. You have forgotten that you used to wear heels when you were hanging the washing out.

  4. ooh i had a decadent day and it was a work day. Morning time at Middle Brighton Baths in the sun then mid arvo wander around the place. I have days off coming up, can't wait

  5. Ripper day Fen. I would have dropped Mother like a hotcake had you invited me.

  6. She could have come along, I'm sure my client could have entertained her!!

  7. Okies Fen. Sorry, will give it a miss.