Thursday, June 02, 2011

The Mother Day

Which Mother story would you like? The mysterious door bell ringing at 2am which sometimes happens and did last night. I had a look at it today. It is wired in with a transformer in the meter box. It could be shorting out somewhere. Long story which I will save you from......for now.

What is that yellow thing Andrew? There was no yellow thing, only a smart electric meter with tamper areas tied off with yellow ties. Mother was most upset that it had been installed without her knowledge. I can refuse, she proclaimed. I don't know much about smart meters, but I think she can refuse. I ran my finger over the top of the meter. It had hardened dust upon it. It has been there a long time, before consumers were able to refuse. Maybe just as well Mother, as now they have to carefully check your wiring to make sure your electric wiring is all safe before installing one. Yours may not come up to scratch. Suddenly we are in a quandary. Thinking about it later, no quandary. Mother's house going up like a Hindu widow would not be a bad thing. Just save Mother and the photos.

What else won't I tell you about? Ah yeah, golf balls mysteriously appearing in her backyard. She thought cats were bringing them in. When a heavy golf club appeared on the back lawn, that seemed doubtful. Another one added to the mysteries at Mother's place.

Chainsaw niece called her 'that foreign woman next door', Mother's long time neighbour who may or may not have been a Filipina bride, now widow, had been the perfect neighbour. Always there to help but never intrusive. The neighbour's daughter is a high achiever in life, but has been struck down with Lupus. Our dyke heart transplant friend used to have Lupus and it was probably responsible for the failure of her heart. This is not good news. Mother has known the daughter since she was born and she would now be mid twenties.

Another story from Mother that is too long tell, speaking of Chainsaw niece, is that she slept in her car after a party until the morn. Did she lock her car? Did she wind up the windows? Evidently not as her purse and phone were gone the next morning. That's her story, and she is sticking to it.

I actually had a nice time with Mother today. I took her to a nursery for her to buy seedlings, to the shops and the supermarket for shopping that ABI normally takes her for on Friday evenings. We wrapped up with coffee and an apple slice each at the Great Australian Bakery. The weather was quite pleasant.

Mother is girding her loins for an overnight stay by Sister, Bone Doctor and Little Jo on Saturday night. 'Andrew, why can't they just come in the daytime? Little Jo wakes so early and I want to sleep.' What is the woman on. Little Jo coming into your bed at 6.30 in the morning for a cuddle is one of the nicest things in the world.

Mother did buy some jelly crystals and Smarties to make jelly with smarties in it for Little Jo's visit at least.

(all positive thoughts and comments about Mother were inspired by the fact that she did not bang on about her health issues, just for once)


  1. I am not sure which is worse: watching our parents Losing It or knowing that in 20 years from now we are going to be Losing It ourselves :(

    Every single soul I know is looking for the best residential and care-giving solution for their elderly parents. It is not getting any easier.

  2. I'm glad you had a nice time with your mother. Sometimes with parents...those days are few and far between. I wonder if Jack will see me in that way when I'm elderly.

    I never thought of putting smarties in jelly. Although here it would be putting M&M's in Jello.

    Is that done a lot in Australia?

    We sometimes put canned fruit in our Jello. That's about it.

  3. Yes Hels. I too feel a little mortal nowadays. Over the hump, so to speak. Aged care is going to need a huge shake up in the future I suspect. In my experience, they do it quite well in the UK, without the involvement of profit orgs. I think it depends somewhat on your local council though.

    Dina, we can only wonder how we will be viewed when we are old. Yes to fruit in jelly. I grew up on tinned fruit called Two Fruits, pears and peaches I think, and it was often added to jelly. Now I am thinking, I assumed that was what the Smarties were for, but wouldn't they melt? They must go on top after it has started to set.

  4. She likes Little Jo visiting, she just needs to have her customary whinge like clockwork ;)
    Great Australian Bakery in Pako is delish :)

  5. Neatly put Jayne.

    The bakery coffee was ok too. I tried one up the street one day that was more cafe, but its coffee was not good.

  6. Aged care needs a shake up now, it's going to be too late soon, there are already big shortages. Getting old scares me, because of that exact reason. Where is everyone going to live if they need assistance?

  7. In home visiting care Fen?

  8. My mum dropped dead at only 66 - se had horrific health problems the ones that the doc tells you will kill you and he doesn't know if it will be today or in five years. Not once did she ever complain - and I knew her so well - no matter what happened had she been granted longer - she was always too ready to laugh at her own foibles than to lay them on anyone else - maybe its not just mums and dads getting old that does this - I have a theory that we all have our eccentricities - our good things and our bad things - just some people choose in young adulthood to get a handle on things and try and make the best of what they have got and they get nicer and easier to be with - others like some of my family do the opposite - so that what was just something we put up with from them when they were younger is now like a burden on our shoulders because they have allowed themselves to be that way. Its sad because the real person is in there, just a bit lost...

  9. Jelly with Smarties in it, how great does that sound? Must try that.

  10. MC, I seem to recall your mother had a pretty hard life too. Sixty six is way too young. She sound remarkable.

    For you Foxy or for kids?