Thursday, June 02, 2011


Dean Martin always had one didn't he? A good stiff martini. Although I knew how to make a martini when I was eighteen and I worked in a pub, I was never asked for one and nor had I ever made one for myself to drink. I was strictly a beer or sweet drink person then. How times have changed. Of the former I rarely partake and of the latter I do not enjoy the partake.

I cannot remember when I had my first martini. It was a long time ago, maybe when I was around 30. My alcohol tastes had changed from sickly sweet and I enjoyed my dry martini immensely. For a while R and I used to make them at home or occasionally have them when we were out. Like the cry goes 'don't touch the bottom' as the birthday person cuts their cake, so too did the cry go out, 'don't bruise the gin'.

There are so many cocktails available now, but I prefer the simple ones, such as a martini or a margarita. Not that I have had one for years, but I could quite easily.

There is one cocktail I have not had and always want to try and that is a Long Island Tea. I believe one is enough to knock you sideways. I think I'll have two. Ten years ago one cost about $20. Goodness knows what they might be now.

While it is not a cocktail,I would like to try absinthe too. Rumour had it that it was banned because of its hallucinogenic properties due to the woodworm in it. Apparently it was nothing to do with woodworm, but the simple fact that it was around 80% proof. Did I read that France recently allowed the drink to once again be called absinthe?

Can I have my dose of the green fairy among the bacchanalia found in Montmartre? Look R, there is Montmartre, I exclaimed from the Eiffel Tower.


  1. I well remember my first and last martini, knocked me sideways and nearly under the table. I did not look like the elegants in the movies throwing back martinis like lemonade.

    I am stunned at the price of cocktails in Melbourne's bars anything from $15 to $20 no wonder the girls like to get wasted on Bacardi Breezers.

  2. Hmmmm, gin.....makes the world a nice shiney place ;)

  3. There must be a huge profit in cocktails Jah Teh. They do seem overpriced to me too.

    Jayne, unless you have too much then next morning the world looks pretty grim.

  4. Hi Andrew

    I bought a bottle of absinthe in Prague a few years ago and returned to the UK with it without any problems. I remember it being quite strong but not mind-warpingly so. Then again, it only came out for special occasions and was consumed in small measures. I guess it's just like any other poison - the effects are cumulative.



  5. Did it taste nice Pants? Should we ever visit Larriken's End, can you get a bottle in?

  6. I've never had absinthe. I used to drink Agwa, which is supposedly made from the cocoa leaf. Now I don't drink alcohol at all, I do miss it from time to time.

  7. What Fen? You never experience that feeling of bravado? That bravado that makes you punch someone out?

  8. I love a martini, my son says I look like Brian from Family Guy. Sometimes I make a cocktail from gin and blue curacao and put a twist of lemon in it.

  9. Foxy, I assume you mean while making it and not from the effects of it. Your drink sounds like it would be very pretty.