Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Macca Coffee

An extract from a post about my McDonalds experience.

Now I am not a coffee snob, I just like a nice cup of coffee. I usually have a double shot latte, sometimes a long black, sometimes a short black, sometimes a macchiatto. If I am ever doubtful about the quality of the cup of coffee I am ordering, long black is the safest, and so I thus ordered.

I clearly stated that I wanted to 'eat in' and not 'take away', yet would you believe, it came in a paper cup!!! I gazed around and there was no evidence of any china cups or glasses. I haven't been so surprised since my first and only visit to Gloria Jeans and my coffee was served in a paper cup. For a change it was me moaning to Mother. Perhaps they have run out of clean cups, she said. Look around Mother. No one has a china cup. And what I thought was a proper coffee machine was apparently some sort of automatic device. The coffee was just dreadful. The automatic machine at work makes better coffee. And you know what I paid for dreadful coffee in a paper cup? $3.50!!! I can go to the cafe across the road from the Highrise and get an excellent cup of hand made coffee for $2.70 and in a china cup, and served to my table. For $3.50 I can go to the upmarket Cafe Vue next door, sit at a table and have waiter bring me a cup of coffee and a glass of water. He or she will take my money and return with the change.

Apparently very few like McDonalds coffee and the company is are well aware of it. They are now going to employ specialist baristas to make coffee. Ah, is my leg being pulled? What proper barista would work in McDonalds. Maybe they can get a common garden variety barista but specialist barsita. They really are shooting for the stars. I would be most grateful if someone could leave some detail in comments about the difference between a barista and specialist barista. Here is the bit from the Sydney Daily Telegraph. I thank you.


MCDONALD'S is planning to appoint specialist baristas following a huge customer backlash over the quality of its coffee.

Realising it is not “the most loved coffee chain”, McDonald’s is set to appoint professional baristas for its more than 650 restaurants in Australia in a bid to woo back unhappy coffee-drinkers, The Australian reports.

From Sunday, the restaurant chain launch a multi-million dollar advertising campaign apologising for its coffee and urging customers to speak up if it continues to fail to meet their expectations.

McDonald’s chief operating officer Helen Nash told The Australian the apology was “up there in terms of a bit of a first” for the company but said feedback from customers had been overwhelming.

“Australians have a very sophisticated palate and we are not delivering a strong cup of coffee,” she said.

“Customers have told us we can do better and we are saying ‘we have heard you and now we hope you notice the difference.”


  1. Hello Andrew:
    One of our biggest regrets is that McDonald's outlets now have a large foothold in Budapest - the home of coffee houses and with a long standing tradition of a coffee culture.

    Woe is us!!

  2. Why does Maccas think it has to be all things to all people? You aside Andrew, I don't know anyone who actually goes there for coffee?? And Macca's baristas?? That's just wrong!!

  3. Jane, many efforts have been made by chains to kill Melbourne's coffee culture, but they have been quite unsuccessful. Maccas in the 'Pest does not sound right though.

    Red, I was forced by Mother to go to McDonalds for food and coffee. Please don't think it was my choice. I'd go for a ham sandwich.

  4. Anonymous2:38 am

    In all honesty it's just a ploy by MacDonalds to 'upgrade' the coffee/beverage business to McCafe.
    In Singapore, spinoffs from MacDonalds in the form of the more 'starbucky' McCafe are sprouting up like evil twins side by side.
    People are mentally 'channeled' over to Mccafe as it is made to be more 'classy' and coffee is served in a proper cup.

  5. I tend to think this is all a publicity stunt!! Even I might moozie off to Maccas for a try of their new Barrista made coffee.

  6. Anonymous9:51 am

    What McCaffe's are going all shmanzy with barista's?

  7. Anon 1, if that is the case, it just won't work here. The only customers they might attract is the Starbucks set. Interesting re S'pore.

    Too true Dianne, it has aroused interest. Make sure you get that 'specialist' barrista.

    Anon 2, apparently so, a little bit fancy.