Wednesday, June 01, 2011


I was given to thinking about bricks after Timespanner posted about a now defunct brick factory in Auckland. Where are our Melbourne bricks made now? I haven't really investigated properly, probably because it is pretty boring information to know.

But when recently at Tradie Brother's house, he proudly showed me his 1957 Glen Iris brick. It has an emu on one side of the face and a kangaroo on the other side. Nice brick. Hey bros. That is a good brick. That was made in the year I was............ummm. Yeah well.

At the rear of his house is a self contained flat where his in laws used to live. His father in law used to use a brick as a door stop. It was a 1956 (Olympics in Melbourne) brick with Olympic rings on it. When Tradie Brother returned to the earlier matrimonial home, he found the brick, broken in half. He was much disappointed. He was shattered when I told one had recently sold on Ebay for $5.50. Well, not really. He likes them for what they are.

I did take a little time to investigate old bricks on the net. Great, there is an Australian brick collector group. Oh, twelve members.

Anyway, here is brother's brick. The old esky cooling blocks are a pretty good keep too. I recalled a tartan Willow brick but it was a red tartan. Yes, he said, they came in red too.


  1. Love the brick! No wonder it's a proud possession.

  2. Great design, I haven't seen one of those before.

  3. At first I thought bricks are kind of an odd thing to collect and keep, but I didn't realise they came in different and special designs. That's a nice one.

  4. That's so cool! Was it an Australia Day special?? Or am I just imagining that kanga + emu = OZ coat of arms??

  5. TS, I think it might be more valuable, that is rarer, than the Olympic brick.

    Jayne, you not having seen one before is significant.

    There's a task for you River, Adelaide bricks. I reckon they would be interesting.

    Cool as Red. My brick investigations were pretty fruitless, so I don't know.

  6. Love the brick - keep it safe.
    There are DARLEY bricks, South Yarra bricks, Selkirk bricks and there was a brickworks in Camberwell in 1978 that is probably a shopping mall now.

    the Melb brick freak is

    I loathe and detest wire-cut bricks and all buildings comprised of them.

  7. Interesting website Ann. Well you may dislike wire cut bricks, but they make up peoples homes and they are proud of them.