Sunday, May 29, 2011


I reckon I know a few people who could shatter glass with the voices. They have an ability to be able to talk in a nightclub and be heard over pumping music. I am not one of them, or I didn't think so.

R was sitting watching telly and I was sitting at the puter where I now am. I was saying something, a little loudly to be heard over the tv and this vase full of water and flowers sitting behind my back on the bench exploded for no obvious reason. About five hours earlier R had changed the water in the vase but apart from that, it hadn't been touched. It was cold water into a room temperature vase with the heating on and sitting on a cold granite bench top. If it almost immediately broke, I could perhaps understand, but hours later???

I am not a habitual swearer. I save naughty words for special occasions. This was one such occasion. 'What the fuck happened then?' I asked R. And this morning when I rose and saw the lack of flowers, again I wondered how the fuck did that happen? R is not happy as he liked the vase and it was a gift from a workmate for his last special birthday.

We cleaned the mess up and to steady our shattered nerves, we knocked off the rest of the Scotch.

Here is the vase seen in better days.


  1. OMFG WTF?!
    I think you have the ghost of Derryn in your kitchen.

  2. It's the beginning of the Rapture. The Preacher just got the week wrong.

  3. Possibly someone nearby hit the right note with their dog whistle or their opera practise. High C?

  4. LOL @ Kiwi Nomad.
    Dame Edna and her Gladis on crack, maybe?

  5. The vase saw the Dewar's next to it, realised it was a cheaper, blended whiskey, and laid down and died.

  6. He's not quite dead yet Scott.

    KN, so it will be a slow destruction, not a fast one.

    Must have been a neighbour River. I will blame them.

    Jayne, she has been known to do injuries with her gladdies.

    Possibly Hels. We are cheap.

  7. hmmm, that's a little freaky and I have no explanation for it. One night here I had a display plate fall over then 10 mins later something else fell over on the other side of the room. I felt a bit odd all night!!

  8. I like Kiwi Nomad's response. Maybe I'll agree with her ; )

  9. Bad vibrations Fen.

    Dina, apart from the vase, it seems to have been ineffective.