Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Who are they?

I have cropped this photo a little, as the full photo might give the game away, but do you know who these two women are and how they changed Australian society?


  1. No idea. none.

  2. Daniele Iezzi10:50 pm

    Well, I know one of them is Sigrid Thornton's mother and they protested the law that banned women from entering public bars. I believe the photo was taken at the Regatta Hotel in Brisvegas.

    Can't help with the other woman though....

  3. Daniele L's guess is the same as mine - first Aussie women at the front bar?

  4. I am old enough to recall all of this fuss. The whole point, in the 1960's, of keeping women separate from drinking men, was so the men could relax and not have to Mind Their Language.
    In 40 years we have achieved my bus journey yesterday opposite 2 students whose loud conversation was spread intensely with 'fuck' used as adjective, verb, noun, and filler.
    Hotel bars and working men were the main alignment way back then. At 4:30 when the whistle blew, the overalls would pour out of the factories and straight into the pub opposite. There was always a pub opposite a factory. Chapel street SYarra was a prime example of that.
    Those suits the women are wearing are the absolute standard female dress of 1965.

  5. Do you remember now River?

    Well done Daniele. First past the post and correct.

    Although Kath, barmaids were the exception.

    Emstacks, I doubt many woman would want to enter a public bar when the 6 o'clock swill was happening. The suits were synthetic weren't they? Crimpelene?

  6. Brisbane would be too hot for synthetics. The right hand side skirt looks crumpled enough to be linen, and is a straight-skirt on a biggish arse. Siggies mum has the more stylish A-line skirt and it looks smooth so may be Moygashel crushproof linen. Pantyhose had only just come on the market in 65/66 too.

  7. Good obs Ann. Looks like stockings on their legs.