Saturday, May 21, 2011

'Tis a curious thing

Not years but for decades we have been hearing of the evils of coal powered electricity generators. In Victoria it is especially bad as we use wet brown coal to fire ours.

But we are all enlightened now are we not? Everyone seems to be, except our state government who has announced the construction of a new coal fired electricity generation plant. It may will be more efficient and less polluting, but is it a wise decision? If it were for short term use, perhaps, but you don't build a large electricity plant for the short term. It will still possibly be generating and spewing out filth into our atmosphere in thirty years time.

We have the technology now to generate electricity without causing such an impact on the environment. The technology goes ahead in leaps and bounds and becomes cheaper and cheaper, yet we are taking such a backward step.

Ah well, I might not be here in thirty years time so it won't be my problem. Sorry and good luck kiddies.


  1. Yeh I heard this on the radio yesterday and just shook my head. We (the collective we) will never learn it seems.

  2. And here's the Feds scaremongering about carbon emissions - while I'm not saying they're wrong, some holistic consistency wouldn't go astray!

  3. Sad thing is Fen, we have learnt.

    Red, there is just so much money to be still made by digging up coal that it has warped what should be an pretty obvious path.