Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Our Dyke Friend in Nippon Land

You must have picked up about her by now. She is born and bred Melbourne and now lives in Japan teaching English. She has lived elsewhere too, even Europe. She is pretty fluent in Italian and not quite fluent in Spanish and perhaps is as good at French as I am. She is also not quite fluent in Japanese. Well, she is miles ahead than most of us.

She has just sent us some photos of her visit to Spain and something clicked with me. She is actually quite an attractive lass. You know, you see your friends all the time. You see them, but you don't in some ways.


  1. Interesting how seeing a person out of context makes you look at them differently. I guess it puts them in a no longer normal context!

  2. Quite true Red. I apologise in advance for not recognising you in Hindley Street midyear.

  3. Anonymous11:51 pm

    Oh you are a sweetie - thank you! V.

  4. No one has asked for your number yet V.