Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Oh dear. Scroll to the bottom

  • The Brain Posted at 10:44 AM Today

    First it was Egypt now it is Indonesia. You can judge a society by the way it treats its animals. What an indication of how barbaric, uneducated and cruel some Indonesians are. I felt sick watching this disgusting slaughter on TV last night. It is about time some of the educated and more progressive muslims spoke out about some of these ancient, barbaric and senseless acts, carried out in the name of Alah, were banned. No god would approve of one of his creatures being tortured like this. Absolutely disgusting! Ban live exports immediately!

  • get rid of our government Posted at 10:43 AM Today

    GET RID OF OUR GOVERNMENT. How are we called 'humans' there is nothing 'humane' about us. This should NOT be happening in this day and age. SEA SHEPHERDS, we need you to stop this happening. We are the taxpayers - we have the rights to say what happens in this country; it's time we sued for our rights, and those of the animals we are RESPONSIBLE for.

  • k.sweep of Melbourne Posted at 10:39 AM Today

    I just cant believe that that is Hallal

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  1. That's what you get when you re-print an article from the Herald Sun on Aussie meat. A recipe from Google for Beef Wellington, now you've eat those cow's yourself.

    Farmers here in NL are stuck with cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce because of the food scare of Spanish cucumbers in Germany [14 dead and rising]

  2. I don't eat much meat and I am aware of how it is processed since I worked in an abbattoir for a few months back in 1971 or maybe it was 72. I haven't really got into the live export debate, but I agree it seems wrong to cram all those animals into a transport ship and have too many of them die along the way.

  3. LOLworthy, the ad not the live export thing.

  4. Peter, heard a bit about the Spanish cucumbers. Is the problem because Spain uses recycled human waste as fertiliser? I assume you must export your grown foodstuffs then. Surely local people would trust their locally grown produce.

    River, what happens during transport is the beginning of it. I too have seen animals slaughtered when I was young. I am not overly sentimental about it. Quick and clean.

    Fen, all Indonesians should be able to have Beef Wellington, as long at the beef is humanely killed.

  5. That is funny...but like Fen, I should clarify; the ad, not the live transport thing.