Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Non Seasonal

Every easter R gives me a chocolate bilby, usually bought from Haighs. It is fine chocolate and part of the profit goes towards to conservation of bilbys and their habitat. Good work Haighs. See a bilby photo and read about what Haighs is sponsoring. Haighs, you can email me for my address to send a chocolate selection to.


  1. I have heard it said that Australia is where god put all the animals he screwed up and although it is cute in a strange sort of way I couldn't help thinking of this when viewing this cross between a kangaroo, mouse and a donkey.
    You would have to say that Australia has more than its fair share of interesting looking wildlife.

  2. BDG, I would suggest rather that he put his experimental and artistic designs in Australia. I can see why you think it looks like a combo of three.

  3. Good old Haigh's - they also do a Murray Cod and a Panda with proceeds heading off to the various causes.

    However in all my years of being an official chocolate reviewer and writer NOT ONCE did they send me anything to review. Apart from being offered something *after* you've paid for your wares in one of their stores, they *know* (dammit) that they don't need to advertise or send freebies.

    And didn't the Poms refuse to believe that the playtpus was a real animal for a while, instead thinking that the explorers had just stitched up (pun intended) a carcass from a combination of creatures?

  4. I didn't know the cod and panda Kath. Since it is clear that no freebies will be forthcoming, I can say, so they should donate at their prices. I have a vague memory of the platypus tale. It has a beak like a duck? It swims underwater? It can sting? It lays eggs but feeds it young milk? Preposterous.

  5. Anonymous3:41 pm

    Chocolate bilbies are ok but chocolate wombats...ah, bliss!! V.

  6. Not dispatching any food parcels V. You can get them when you are here.