Thursday, May 05, 2011

A non Iphone Iphone

Iphones are arriving in numbers to my workplace. They are being bought over the internet. I understand an Iphone 4 costs nearly $1000 in Australia. Workmates are buying them over the net from China for $70.

The first chap who bought one told me about them said they were made in China under license to Apple.

The second chap I spoke to was a little more realistic. We examined the phone. Made in California, USA. Odd, because proper Iphones are made in China aren't they?. While this chap had bought one, he was under no illusions about what he bought, a Chinese knock off of an Iphone. While the phone looks and behaves and may well have all the functions of an Iphone, it is quite slow to respond to commands.

But what my foreign workmates like about the their knock off Iphones is that they have dual sim card slots. You can switch between sim cards. They use their normal sim card and a cheap overseas calling sim card. I forget the name now as I don't need to remember it, but one company offers a card that charges a flat 19 cents for unlimited overseas calls to fifty different countries.

Back in the days when a roast chicken was a very expensive meal, even if cooked at home, you also had to book to make an overseas call at peak times and wow, were the calls expensive. Now with their cheap overseas sim cards, workmates can call around sixty different countries with a fee of a flat 19 cents.

From our own phone bill.
International Direct Calls.
UK 39 secs $0.47
UK 11 secs $0.47
UK 15:34 $0.77
Quarter of an hour for seventy seven cents!

Soon they will pay us to make calls.


  1. My head starts hurting when it comes to mobile phones, SIM cards and call costs. Too complicated, too confusing too.....

    ... apparently LC wants me to get an iPhone when we're in Geneva though "You'll need the maps app" he tells me, apparently forgetting that I can't read maps either!

  2. I don't have an iphone but at those prices perhaps I should - I use skype for overseas calls and that's free + you get to see who you're talking to!

  3. I don't have an Iphone, but I may get one when they start paying us to make calls.

  4. The advancements in communications in our lifetime Andrew have been mind boggling.

    A salesman at Myer was having problems with the EFTPOS machine last week on a very rainy day and when I commented that it reminded me of the days when telephones would play up on rainy days he stared at me as though I was from Mars.

  5. Kath, you don't possibly think that the telcos like us to be a bit confused? I certainly am when I have to look.

    Dianne, we recently installed Skype, but yet to use it.

    River, perhaps I did exaggerate that slightly, so don't hold your breath.

    Mind boggling for sure Victor and how good are we to keep on top the tech beast, well, kind of. Yes, I remember the crackles on the phone in wet weather.

  6. Haha! Technophobic Pilchard went to the airport the other day, and emptied his pockets at the security scanner - coins, keys, glasses.

    I think he fell under suspiscion for NOT having a mobile phone!! They kept asking was he SURE he didn't have one ... as if that's something you'd forget you'd slipped into your pocket!!!

  7. What a sensible man to not have a mobile and you calling him willy nilly.

  8. Hahaha ... this just proves the value in returning to a blog comment to see if there's been a reply ...