Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Phone, day whatever

I kind of have the new phone set up like I want it. R is finessing his phone too. He makes many sounds of exasperation. He is very impatient with technology. I have learnt not to be. Calling a mobile phone a stupid thing is not nearly as effective as calling a person stupid. The phone stays smugly silent.

I am now trying to improve my Swype technique. Swype, yes I had never heard of it either, is that you write on your phone by dragging your finger over the displayed qwerty keyboard to spell a word. It is a very fast way to write. The trouble is as a ten finger touch typist, I don't know where the letters are very well on a qwerty keyboard. My fingers know where the letters are when I type with both hands, but I am not so good on looking at the keyboard and knowing where the letters are. Hesitate when you are Swyping, and you are screwed. Delete, delete, delete.

You know what is really pleasing me about this new phone? You use your forefingers. I was feeling like a dinosaur using my fingers to type an sms on a keypad when all the younguns do it with their thumbs. Now I am modern again.

R has downloaded the Handcent app and he seems happy with it. Thanks Fen.
Today I will back my phone up. Thanks Tony. Well, maybe. See how I go.


  1. But is it a black or white iPhone?

  2. Samsung Galaxy S.

  3. Tell us mnore about backing the phone up, please (spoken in my best Pauline Hanson voice).

  4. I am with R. I make many sounds of exasperation, usually tears, and have become MORE impatient with technology as I age, not less so.

    This is a problem.. because technology is changing faster each year. Even if I am now all caught up with 1993 technological advances, it won't help :(

  5. Ian N5:27 pm

    I use slideIT, a competitor to Swype. Very fast, and correct most of the time. If it guesses wrong, a single backspace kills the word, and I can type it in the old way.

    This being my first touch phone, I've also tried the Dvorak layout; I have to stare at the keyboard anyway, I might as well learn that layout. I'm getting faster, but a fullsize keyboard will always be faster for me.

  6. ooh I am crap at typing on my phone, often it's a jumble of nonsense! Hard work!

  7. Victor, in my case it would be backing up the settings that I have altered. I have decided not to as it looks complicated and I like to torture myself in other ways, like manually restoring settings.

    Hels, among my peers, I was the first to get a computer, first to get a mobile phone etc, recently first to get a digital radio etc, but in relation to young people, I am not even in the running against their tech knowledge. Now I take from it all what I wish and suits me and leave the rest.

    Ian, I still need practice to know how to get the best from Swype. I really ought to look at the tutorial. I did not know there was an alternative keyboard layout. I doubt I could change from a qwerty.

    Correctly spelt, capital letters and punctuation makes my sms intimidating to some people I think. I don't do it for any other reason than myself though. It actually takes me longer to type tonite than tonight because I have to think about it. As for texts I receive, I don't care, as long as I understand.