Wednesday, May 04, 2011


We don't have Iphones so we don't have Grindr on our phones. I am not sure if Grindr is only an Iphone mobile phone application for gay men or not, but gay men certainly seem to like it.

I have been shown Grindr on peoples mobile phones. Essentially it is a gay hook up site that you access with your Iphone. One guy complained to me that someone who he had a great chat with, then blocked him. This guy had not really used the internet. Welcome to the real world.

R was quite fascinated by Grindr when it was shown to him in detail by a friend. R is thinking he needs a new mobile phone.

What intrigues me about it is the location part, which I assume is done by GPS. You switch Grindr on and you can see how far away people are from you who also have their Grindr on. One friend who visited us and switched his on here at our place said there was someone five metres away. Yeah, right. GPS can potentially be deadly accurate but not always. I asked him if he had switched on when he was travelling to work on the train from Caulfield. He had, but quickly switched it off as three people a short distance away were on Grindr.

Already among the gays I am sensing a disillusionment with Grindr. They expected to find love when it is clearly just a hook up application.

But you know, from a hook up can come love. Sometimes things just click. So if any gay boi says, I don't use Grindr because I am looking for a relationship, not sex, then think again. The more people you meet, be it straight into it or just for coffee, the more likely you are to find someone for you.


  1. I used to use Grindr on a colleagues iPhone. It was great fun. 5 metres away could be on the floor above or below!! There was a more explicit iPhone app that gay boys used to list all their kinks and fetishes. Made for very interesting reading indeed on a slow night.

    I heard they were making a Grindr equiv for straights, I wonder if that ever happened.

  2. Grindr has a little notation on it that the distance shown is accurate to around 65 metres. I assume that means it can be up to about 65 metres out on its calculation.

    Don't ask me how I know this information.

  3. We've 'played' with our mate's Grindr phone at a few well-lubricated dinner parties but, as you say, the fact that it seems to find several gay men within metres of the user is unbelievable, esp when we were at a beachhouse when we last turned it on!

  4. And to think once upon a time they let young people all out to town hall dances to make actual physical contact with total strangers....insane!

  5. So could you identify who else had Grindr going once it told you there was someone nearby?? Just askin'!

  6. Iphones have so many apps now I'm surprised anyone gets anything else done. All day checking this app, that app....

  7. Anonymous8:15 pm

    So many sickos in this world.

    What kind of person engages in this type of 'hook up' activity?

    Sex in toilet blocks and saunas etc. Disgusting!!!

  8. Fen, I was thinking horizontally, when vertically is on the mark. I am not asking about the other app, not asking I tell ya.

    Shan't ask Victor. Is the 65 consistent or does it alter.

    Radical Jayne. Why would you meet someone before knowing their stats?

    Red, if they have a face photo in their profile and they are within view. There is something about ensuring your bluetooth is turned off or they can access photos on your phones, I believe.

    River, the days of reading a book or paper on public transport or in idle times is rapidly disappearing.

  9. aaah anon, sickos are the best type, far better than close minded wimps who don't use their real identity when commenting on blogs.

  10. Dearest Kath, there is some news about your husband that I need to break to you gently.

  11. Ignore him Fen. You know who he is.

  12. Intriguingly, my very straight friend was asking me about grindr the other day. Here, I exposed my complete ignorance of how it worked so I was able to tell him very much at all. He thought i was being deliberately vague. If only you had posted this earlier.

  13. Ad Rad, I am deliberately not learning much about it. I can get into enough trouble with another way.