Saturday, May 21, 2011

Gratuitous and Luscious Saturday

Often? Generally? Permanently? I feel very sexually dead. This is not a bad thing as both it, and in my young days what was called self abuse, keeps me on the straight and narrow. But at times I like to recall the driven me of years past. As R used to be fond of saying, when he was young he would have stuck it in a tin of worms.

He is a handsome young man, is Pablo. Perhaps I should revise my harsh opinion of Pablo Instant Coffee. I came across his photos at Beauty and the Hunter blog. Would I do him? Well yes and no. In my head I would, but really I couldn't be bothered. What you reckon Copperwitch? Same for you? Nice to look at but oh, the effort. Too hard. He could just stand back and satisfy himself while admring our beauty and then peel us a grape or in your case, unwrap a chocolate.

He would be a very nice accompaniment to wheel my shopping trolley though. How very Frank Thring.


  1. I'll let you and Copperwitch have him - I like mine a bit more clueless as to how attractive they are (if that makes any sense)?

  2. he looks like a bimbo but I would tie him up, use him and leave him tied up.

  3. If he lets go of the ship's wheel, none of us will have to worry.

    Hairy armpits - zero marks
    Thick lips - zero marks
    Nice legs - 8 out of 10
    Sultry look - zero marks

    Still looks strong enough to carry my chocolate although I might have to teach him how to unwrap the box.

  4. Chocolate box, DrewAn, you filthy minded blogger.

  5. I prefer him with his clothes on please. I'm sexually dead, must be old age!

  6. I get it Kath. Works for me too.

    Ohh, Emstacks. Don't give me ideas.

    Thick lips and sultry are high scorers for me Jah Teh. For once I did not not see any double meaning.

    You can look Cazzie, but no touch.

    Fen, you can order him anyway you like including as a clothed mystery package.