Friday, May 20, 2011

The easter project

OMG, this is the missing post from blogger melt down and it has returned to drafts from scheduled.

I know this is really asking for it, but the easter project was R painting the two feature walls in the lounge/dining area with a special paint and it is now complete, paint, $200.

Six red cushions, which was two too many, $200.

An original piece of artwork. Don't ask me what it is or will be forced to be both inventive and economical with the truth. $400.

And we wonder why in spite of not having children to support, we don't have any money.

On the other wall that received the treatment is the large Miro print retrieved from storage, that is under a bed.

Next to the kitchen above the drinks trolley is the previous seen metal sculpture of I guess an hombre and hombress. Or a gaucho and a gauchess.

The main thing is that we are very happy with the result of the easter project. This is the first really decent lounge suite we have ever had. A couple we did wear out, but as Oldest Niece says, paraphrased, it will see you out Uncle Andrew and Uncle R.


  1. Looks very fancy, just like the waiting room at the brothel down the road.

    ......only kidding!!!!!


  2. Love the grey and red scheme - mind if I borrow it for Geneva?

  3. I have a few painting jobs that need doing so when you've got a few free weekends...... :P

  4. A little too grey for my taste, but very nice. and if it suits you, that's what counts.

  5. That looks wonderful - they are not colours I would think would look that well together but the red sets it all off well

  6. Fabulous style statement, and you must also post on your Miro wall - his work is wonderful.

  7. Greetings from Helsinki. The room looks amazing!!! The paint almost looks metallic in the picture.

  8. Victor, I would not know what the waiting room at a brothel looks like.

    Kath, do you think it would suit? Might clash with the white snow and ice.

    Yeah yeah Jayne. Any time I can help. Please don't hold your breath.

    To your own taste River, but the grey/silver is only two walls in the large area, the others being white. I certainly would not want a whole room of theis.

    MC, the red was the key to it.

    Will do Ann. We are very fond of the Miro and had it a long time. I wish it was a real one.

    Thanks AR. It does have a metallic appearance, which is why it was so expensive I guess.

    Cheers Cazzie.

  9. Very suave indeed. The red thing looks like an angry apple!

  10. Fen, I'll use that next time I am asked what it is.