Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Easter #2

Saturday morning started with a leisurely breakfast. Mother had a bad night, as was expected by all, and wanted to see a doctor. We left Bone Doctor to deal with her and take her to see a doctor while we set off to the Point Lonsdale market at the primary school. It was quite a good market and busy enough. Little Jo managed to screw some money out of us for an apron with pockets for individual pens and a note pad.

We had planned to go to a nature park, not sure where, in the afternoon, but Mother did not feel up to it. Sister cooked us some lunch and we decided to take a short trip on the Queenscliff to Drysdale steam train. The Bellarine Railway runs regular steam services, Thomas the Tank Engine trips for the kiddies, excursions and the Blues Train. The trip was to Lakers Siding and back, less than an hour and quite long enough.

Sister cooked us roast pork for dinner and we set off home. Always nice to get home.

The market had a great atmosphere with everyone in a good mood.

Here comes our train. It passed by, shunted and returned on the nearest track to hook up the carriages. Note the guy dark haired guy in the tight blue jeans and top.

Our engine reversing and preparing to hook up. Normally I would identify this engine as a decent sized black one, but for you train buffs, it is a T Class narrow gauge locomotive built by Walkers of Queensland for South Australian Railways. It was retired in 1970 and after some use as a tourist train for the Bellarine, was withdrawn then restored and renovated between 1991 and 2009.

0.5 of a second before the buffers hit.

Gratuitous shot of guy in blue top and blue jeans. Nice smile.

We are under way and engine is belching out smoke.

Swan Bay. Possibly not the peaceful place you might imagine. The boat is going to be very messy with all these birds perched along its edges.

The white house appeals to me. While they are almost on the water's edge, there is no beach with most of the land between the houses and the water being swamp wetlands.

I'm not sure if this house is finished, but I like what I see. Just past here two women were pacing the train on their bikes. 'Mummy, Mummy', Little Jo cried out, and sure enough Sister and Bone Doctor were pacing the train on their respective bikes. 'Faster Mummy, faster'. But then they ran out of road.

The engine needed some water. See the mother with her children who walked from their nearby home to see the engine? The mother called out, hello Little Jo. God, can't we go anywhere!

The remains of a bunker at Lakers Siding. What was it for? Shell grit apparently.


  1. oh my god The Shell Grit Bunker - what on earth was that all about and why is it so messy looking and why do I have an uncontrollable urge to tidy up the world.
    yes yes the cute boy. Just stop it!

    Point Lonsdale is just lovely and I like to visit the webcams at the heads to look at it and at Portsea from it.

    I hope all goes well with your mother.

  2. Ohhh, errr, that there train engine is getting me all exited, it is!
    What a fab day out!
    Aprons are all the rage again, some gorgeous ones out there too good for cooking in lol.
    Boy in tight jeans...meh, he's all yours (menopause - don't do it!).

  3. Lovely tight jeans and for a moment there I thought you'd dyed your hair.

  4. Now do you see the advantage of including some people in your photos?

  5. Ann, I used to often look at the 'heads' cam. Pity you can't control them.

    Jayne, perhaps I should get an apron for myself. So when you say you are feeling hot, it isn't an invitation?

    Jah Teh, don't think I can get away with tight jeans now.

    For sure Victor.

  6. Yeah, decent sized black one works for me. In more than one context, actually ...

  7. Red, to quote an old tv ad, Where do you get it? While photos can lie on the internet, I don't think videos can so easily.