Sunday, May 01, 2011

Easter #1

We spent good Friday and Saturday at Sister's and the Bone Doctor's place on the Bellarine. Mother and ABI brother stayed two more nights. The weather was coolish but dry. Sister does not feel heat or cold and so heating was left off. It is rare I feel the cold but I did. I actually had to wear more than a shirt inside which I never do at home. What is the point of digging up all that dirty coal and burning it if we can't use the electricity to stay warm?

We stopped for lunch at McDonalds in Geelong, as we always have. There is some open land there where we used to give the dogs a run when we still had them. I won't repeat about Toby getting wet and muddy in the creek once. For a moment I glanced at McDonalds healthy options. No, don't be silly. You don't go to Maccas for healthy food.

After coffee at Sister's we ventured out to Queenscliff with me at the wheel of the Bone Doctor's truck and Little Jo strapped firmly in her booster seat. There was some doubt about my truck driving skills I think, well, it is only a proper 4WD but I did not have to say that I have driven a 1950s truck with a non syncro mesh gear box, steering that would lock up when you were half way around a corner and a gear stick that came out in your hand. Sister and Bone Doctor rode their bikes and met us there but then Bone Doctor received a call and she had to go and give some medical treatment.

The main street of Queenscliff was closed for a children's busker festival to fund raise for the Royal Children's Hospital Good Friday Appeal. Mostly the performers were atrocious, but I did get Little Jo to give a few coins to a young female saxophonist. I like young people to play instruments.

Little Jo participated in dance class, had her face painted and received a spray on tattoo, a heart surrounded by two dolphins. We bought a minimal amount of lollies and an ice cream each. Sister was chatting to various different people who she knew. Seems she can't go anywhere without knowing people, so we mostly took Little Jo around. Even without her mother, Little Jo was greeted by strangers to us by name. The sky looked threatening so we headed for home.

Mother and ABI Brother had arrived. We left Sister to prepare dinner and took a walk to the beach. Sister cooked mussels in a tomato sauce for entrée and R had brought his annual good Friday kedgeree construction from home where he prepared it earlier. Mother had some crumbed fish. Very nice meal and an early night.

We had a little time to spare when we arrived in Geelong so we took a drive along The Esplanade in the suburb of Rippleside. My what grand houses, all taking advantage of views across the water. This was my favourite. Sister later told me what the houses were worth when she first moved to Geelong some twenty years ago and what they are now worth. Sob!

Across the water to the city and waterfront of Geelong.

Sister noticed her bike steering was becoming very light and the front of the bike lifting when Little Jo was on the back in a seat. They have now bought a bike tandem trailer I suppose you would call it. The other bike was recently found on a nature strip as hard rubbish. Bone Doctor gave it some oil and some ribbons. It had training wheels with it too.

Queenscliff. A strangler fig, I believe.

Little Jo getting her spray on tatt.

High tide and the beach has disappeared under wild wild waves.

Some cute paving work, possibly at a school.


  1. Anonymous10:23 am

    Why would you let that man spraypaint a "tatt" on your niece?

    Do you want her to grow up wanting "tatts"?

    Oh but 'they are just pretend' you say.

    How about if they were offering pretend 'fags' or 'bottles of plonk'.

    Thank god you wont be having children of your own.

  2. Funny how comments such as the one above are usually signed 'anonymous'.

    As usual something in your post required googling by me. I guessed that Kedgerre was probably something fishy and I checked wikipedia for confirmation.

  3. @Anonymous; My brother and I had plenty of fake tattoos when I we were kids, they came in packets of bubblegum mostly, then later in packets of a dozen or so tatts at the newsagent. We grew out of that, NEVER wanting real tattoos.

    Andrew, I love your wild waves photo and the strangler fig too. I've never seen one of those.

    As for turning on the heating, I don't turn mine on until I'm wearing three or more layers and still feeling icy air on my cheeks. The winter heating bill just gets too high if I use it too much.

  4. May well say Anon Victor, but I know who he is. So that is the correct spelling. I'll remember that as well as I remember rugby.

    River, I had forgotten about those tatts in bubblegum. Weren't we wild! Our place is easy to heat and cool, but even so, we try to be sensible.

  5. Sounds like you had a great family weekend -and I'm sure little Jo enjoyed her day out on the tag bike.

  6. Don't you hate it when people tell you how little they could have purchased prime real estate for years ago?! It was probably as out of reach then (proportionate to wages) as it is now!!

    And tatts? I think kids are better at distinguishing between make-believe and reality than adults give them credit for!!

  7. Tag bike hey Dianne.I didn't know that.

    Red, what I really hate is not buying when they were so much cheaper. As a proportion of wages, they were much cheaper. Now, some thirty years later and still doing the same job, I could never afford to buy a house where I did when I was 22. Your are right about tatts. Kids tattoos and an adult tattoo don't connect.

  8. Love the windows on that house, Andrew.

    They are relatively rare, and a favourite!

  9. P&C, there were so many nice houses, but I chose this one because of the windows and it is fairly un \obscured.