Monday, May 16, 2011

Country Bumpkins

What an extraordinary thing. The new comedy from Matt Lucas and David Willams, Come Fly with Me, is not being screened in country Victoria tonight as it might be too much for unsophisticated country folk. I don't think I have ever heard of any thing like this happening before. I am truly gobsmacked.

What a pity our ABC did not buy it as they did with League of Gentlemen and Little Britain and we would then have nationwide complaints about the show being in poor taste , instead of complaints only coming from the capital cities.

Of course the show will be offensive. Sadly some do take it all too seriously. I had a good internal laugh at Chris Lilley's latest effort on our ABC. Angry Boys was cleverly written, as to be expected, and at times had me squirming. The character Gran is a prison officer in a juvenile detention centre. Just from memory:

'Ok, football game boys. Form two teams. Light skins over here, dark skins over there. Yes Tommy, I know you are aboriginal, but your skin is pale. Get over with the light skins.'


  1. Yes, it's a fine line between bad taste and intrusive censorship, isn't it?

    How far do we go? And how far do we want to be told what we can/can't watch by someone else??

  2. I am reminded about the famous Deborah Grey nude scene on Number 96. It was the first full frontal female nude on Australian TV. I remember seeing it on Channel 0 Brisbane where they blanked about the "rude bits". And then it was shown on our local station, 11/8, they blacked out the whole screen. There are differences in audiences and tastes, but I doubt very much geography is an indicator anymore.

  3. thanks for solving that for me, out here in the paddocks. I consulted The Guide, turned on the set, and flipped round and round wondering why I wasn't getting it.
    I needed something happening while I was ironing, and AbFab filled the gap, but a pox on the 9 network. a pox.

  4. How far do we go Red? I don't know. Chaser were firmly chipped for the child cancer skit, maybe deserved, maybe not. Unfairly pilloried for the dead person song. I shrieked with laughter when I saw it.

    Straight to the point James. Geography may have had something to do with it once, but barely at all now. I had to google Ms Gray. Once I did, I now remember her. The show was getting desperate then and we had already seen plenty of nudity, including Dudley Butterfield's bottom.

  5. Well Ann, you did the right thing by not watching the substitute programme. I hope you got the creases down the front of your jeans straight. Loved you last, somewhat sad, post and a gorgeous photo.

  6. aaah Come Fly With Me is brilliant, I really liked it. Have you seen Psychoville? Its second season is currently airing in the UK, love that one too.

  7. Not seen Pshycoville. Has it been on here yet? I forget here name, but the gospel singing coffee shop woman was a good character.