Sunday, May 15, 2011

City Snaps

Rest assured my Kiwi friends, your Bank of New Zealand is safe and secure here in Melbourne with funds invested in a good solid piece of real estate. Ah, but wait. Now owned by the National Australia bank.

These French made trams that roam some of Melbourne's streets have only just begun to receive all over advertising. While it may make them look pretty on the streets and be profit making, it makes it very difficult to see out of the windows when you are in unfamiliar environs. It is almost impossible to see through the tint and advertising at night. Yarra Trams seem to think it is fine to block passengers' views from their vehicles to the outside.

Go home. Go home. Can't youse all just bloody well all go home and give me back my sleepy Melbourne streets for me to be firing a cannon down.

There used to be a tram Lonsdale Street, albeit a cable tram, a long time ago. A very poor bus service has been running for varying lengths along Lonsdale Street, but much attention has now been paid to the service and now there is a frequent bus service running the length of the street. I am not sure how popular the service is and I have not used it yet, but four different people arrived at the stop the wait for a bus in the thirty seconds I stood there.


  1. I've been in Melbourne for one week and I loved tram and train systems, very convenient. It's a wonderful place.

  2. Welcome to Melbourne Tu Truc - I hope it is all good for you.

    Andrew, re banks and real estate - I always think that they are not in the money business but in the land business. they own everybodys house.

    Great post and lovely photos - thanks.

  3. Banks and buses - both hideously neccessary evils we tolerate with barely concealed contempt.
    The Great Goddess created trams in her infinite wisdom for A Reason....let me know what it is when you find out.

  4. That's a magnificnt building.
    We have that all ove radvertising on some of our buses, mostly I don't mind it because I know where I'm going, but at other times I try to sit near the front so I can see where the bus is headed.

  5. I really appreciate the tours of your amazing city. I hope to visit in my lifetime...

  6. Oh! so sorry! I used wrong tense. I meant I had been in Melbourne :)

  7. Got it now VTT. You visited for holiday or work reasons?

    Ann, they still have a long way to go to catch up with the amount of property owned by churches.

    Jayne, I use buses a bit because they aren't so busy. It can be hard to get a seat on a tram at times. Trams are victims of their own success.

    River, it is usually fine with me because I know where I am and where I am going, but I try to put myself in a strangers shoes.

    Thanks Stephen.