Wednesday, May 04, 2011

And here is the news that was

Just to save you trolling through the online newspapers around Australia, I have done it for you already and picked out today's salient stories for your edification.

At the moment, cyclists entering the city from the north have to lug their bikes up 55 steps to the Harbour Bridge cycleway.

Should I take the above SMH story with a grain of salt? Fifty five steps to carry a bicycle!!!

Also from the SMH, this Barangaroo development is outrageous. I signed an online petition but I am not sure if it is the one mentioned below.NSW Premier Fatty O'Barrell will have to debate the controversial Barangaroo development in Parliament now that protesters have amassed more than 10,000 signatures opposing the Sydney project.The concerns include the decision by Labor to effectively excise Barangaroo from its own laws for managing contamination.The concerns include the decision by Labor to effectively excise Barangaroo from its own laws for managing contamination.Groups protesting against the development want the size of it reviewed, as well as the plan to build a hotel in the harbour and the process for decontaminating the site. Mind the gap.

Surprisingly we get a story from Perth Now. It reports that radio broadcasters are dropping like flies. (At this point I decided the rest of the post would not be serious)TWO weeks after 96FM announcer Steve Fitton was sacked for breaching the radio station's social media policy, his replacement Gavin Miller, has also been dismissed.Miller, recently hired to take over Fitton's Classic Café shift on Sundays, launched a twitter tirade against Jim Wallace, the managing director of the Australian Christian Lobby.

Among his tweets, which are open for public viewing, Miller tells Mr Wallace he is a “turd,” a “c****” and accuses him of “sucking c*** for Jesus.”

Miller was responding to an Anzac day tweet by Mr Wallace, a former Brigadier and graduate of Duntroon, who has served in the Royal Regiment and commanded Australia’s elite Special Air Services Regiment.

Mr Wallace tweeted “Just remember that as we remember Servicemen and women today we remember the Australia they fought for - wasn’t gay marriage and Islamic!”

Miller, who is openly gay, responded “ F*** You @JimWallaceACL you ignorant prick - The Australia they fought for was for EVERYONE. That’s what makes our nation great. Turd.”

We just have to have a story from Darwin. I don't think the front page featured a croc story today for once, but there was one inside the paper.

A MONSTER saltwater crocodile was caught near a popular Territory tourist park earlier this week.

Rangers had to use a four-wheel drive to drag the 4.64m-long man-eater, weighing about 600kg, from its trap.

Croc catcher Tommy Nichols said it was the biggest animal caught this year.

"He was nice and fat," he said. "And he had no injuries which was unusual for a croc of his size."

It is believed the animal was first sighted in Katherine River on Friday.

Another report came in on Monday about a crocodile trapped at Donkey Camp along Gorge Road - about 8km from Katherine's town centre and just before the first gorge at Nitmiluk National Park.

Adelaide, nothing, as you would expect. Nothing has happened there since Dolly Dunstan wore pink hotpants to parliament and some folk were popped into barrels.

But from the cultural and intelligentsia city down below, Melbourne, bungling burglars tied a rope to an ATM but forgot to attach it to a stolen ute they had ploughed through a window.

Brisbane, well it is so hot and muggy, the residents' brains have ceased to function and do not anything of note, except read some lame Osama bin Laden jokes in their quality newspaper.

Tassie has to come up with a ripper surely.

Lonnie Examiner reports the night club brawls, street assaults, pensioner bashings and teen rapes but the prominent story is...

WYNYARD LIONS LADIES BIGGEST CUPPA AFTERNOON TEA, Wynyard Showground 2-4pm. Guest Speaker, Raffle, Lucky Door Prize and Trade Table. Inquiries 6442 3378.

Let us head further south to Hobart where things are taken more seriously, as you would expect when the state parliament is located in the same fair town. Omg, something interactive. Hobart is so modern.

Build a royal baby using well-known family features. Go on. You clearly have more spare time in your life than I do.


  1. oh I am laughing. thanks Andrew.

  2. Ann, I just read what I wrote, and I laughed too.