Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tim Michin

While I had seen him on Spicks and Specks, I did not know where his talents lay. Some publicity about our ABC broadcasting him in concert with the Orchestra drew my attention. The pbliclity was because the sound had failed during the broadcast. Aunty ABC was very apologetic and re[eated tje nrppcast/ No walerted to the concert, I recorded it. I have watched a good bit of it and will watch the rest at some point. It was very good, but I have an issue.

What was with the swearing? For me fuck is word to be used in a 'correct manner' or as an extreme swear word. It certainly could be slipped into a comediec performance for dramatic effect. But in Tim Michin's performance, the word was used so often, I started to feel annoyed and lost concentration.

Fuck is an important and useful word in our language but Mr Michin totally devalued the word in his performance.

I feel so old and out of touch.

From Fairfax press.


  1. I didn't watch it, but I know what you mean. I saw some comedians at Comedy Bites that I thought overused the swears. It's just not ncecessary and to be honest, I think it's lazy. Make up some words folks.

  2. Of course you being a non swearing type Fen, you would say that :-P

  3. Maybe he's just 'fucked up' :P

  4. Nah Jayne, he is a fuckin' smart guy.

  5. Anonymous10:08 pm

    I love Tim Minchin but I understand what you mean about the swearing. I don't mind the 'f' word so much but I really don't like hearing the 'c' word all the time. Yep, we're gettin' old! V.

  6. V, does Michin use the c word. I can't say that I recall him using it? C seems to be the last taboo.

  7. Anonymous12:12 am

    He does use it occasionally but I was actually referring to entertainers in general. One hears the 'c' word quite often these days. V.