Saturday, April 30, 2011

The sneaks

We were out somewhere having breakfast and we were somewhat overwhelmed by British and Irish accents surrounding us. I dashed this post off and kept it as it is a bit of nonsense. Bit short of time this morning, so it will do for a post.

Now you have your foreign types in greater Melbourne. Melbourne is absolutely chockers with them. You can recognise them by the skin colour or other physical features or the way they dress. But of late I have learnt of the more insidious foreigner roaming our streets and cluttering up the place with their presence and I am estimating they are half of the foreign types in our fair city.

These really are the sneaky foreigners. You are lulled into a false sense of security because they imitate the way we dress and act. They even look like us, but mark my words, they are foreign through and through. There is only one way to recognise them as foreign. They just can't disguise their voices. So you Canadians, you Americans, you Brits and Irish, I am on to you and you being here stealing our jobs and women and menfolk for relationships.


  1. Yeah, baby. I'm amazed no one else is onto this insidious threat to our nationhood! I'm sure there's an Upper House candidacy in this issue at the next election ...

  2. The Tafe Class I am in is like the United nations and this is in Country NSW - in our case they are from Uruguay, Canada, Pommie Land, Ireland, Holland and others

  3. You are with me Red. We need a law.

    Hope you take the time to talk to them MC. It can be hard but very educational.

  4. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

  5. But Dina, we need them to serve in our shops and cafes.