Sunday, April 10, 2011

Red water

This is queer. A lake of red water and an almost empty lake in times of flood. Kerang was surrounded by flood waters. You have to click on the link below to see the lakes properly and to the right is flood water. Why did the water not run into the almost empty Lake Wandella? And why are the waters of Lake Pelican red? Pelican blood?

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  1. Interesting image. I wonder if the rocks and soil of the red lake contain some sort of oxide that has leached into the water to change the colour?

  2. Toxic/non-toxic algal bloom.

  3. I didn't think of that River, but quite plausible.

    I think you are right Jah Teh. The colour is so bright.

  4. Maybe it's that colour from all the rusty shopping trolleys and cars sitting in the bottom of it.

    Don't salt lakes go all kinds of strange colours? Maybe it's got a high salt content. That doesn't really explain why it is that colour though.

    Looking at the surrounding area it looks like there might be flood levies ether side of this strip of land. You wouldn't normally expect the edge of the flood water to be so straight.

  5. Ben. There is a chance that the photography got the colour wrong, but I think I will go with an algae bloom. Yes, levys. I would have like to have seen a channel dug to empty the flood into the empty dam, but I suspect there was a lot more flood water than the dam could contain.