Saturday, April 30, 2011

Music from my Yoof #59

Billy Idol was smouldering hot. I loved him. Maybe I have heard this track, but I can't recall it. The wireless played it yesterday to mark a wedding of someone who's name I can't recall now. I have a small collection of Billy Idol photos here.

White Wedding. I like it.


  1. You don't recall White Wedding??
    You are possibly the only person omn earth who can say that.
    It's one of my favourites.

  2. Loved Billy 'The Snarler' Idol. He gave Molly a hard time when he was on Cuntdown at his peak.
    he has a Degree too.

  3. Anonymous11:45 pm

    I'm with River - you don't remember White Wedding???? My Goodness! It was on every radio station back in the day. You must have heard it! V.

  4. River, often when I write something, in my mind I run through who the post might appeal to. I am afraid you and Billy Idol did not occur to me.

    And now Em Stacks he is a plain old man. I can't recall the Molly interview.

    Truly I did not V. There was a time when I never listened to radio.

  5. Never saw the attraction. We'll have to agree to disagree. He was like a hairless albino ferret with a mohawk.

  6. Scott, I think his mean attitude was part of his appeal to me. He was naturally quite hairy.

  7. Oh that sneer! Be still, my heart ...

  8. You really do get it Red.