Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mother and a friend

Mother won't exit her front gate on foot. If she is not driven by friend or family, she won't go. I could perhaps excuse her if she had never used public transport or taxis, but she used to.

Mother, who is 77, had a visit from a distant relative or childhood friend. I am not quite sure which. I will call the friend F, because her name is Faye and using F saves me typing. F is 80 years old. F broke her leg at christmas and is now using a stick to get about.

F lives Mildura way. She travels by bus and two trains and a bus to visit her daughter who lives in Diamond Creek. Not a bad effort for an 80 year old.

But then F comes to visit Mother. Bus to the station, long suburban train trip to the city, long suburban train trip to Mother's suburb and then taxi to Mother's for F to listen to Mother complain about her own medical problems.

Mother did compliment F on her independence. 'I have had to be', she replied. Her husband suicided due to financial pressures at a young age and she was left with debts and three young children to raise.

It is very lucky that Mother was a good mother when we were kids, and good even when we were older and had problems. She is in credit I suppose. She is certainly using her credits up now.


  1. Buy mother a bus ticket or two dozen. Tell her to visit F.

    How can she expect to be chauferred everywhere?
    I ride a bus into the city then other buses out to the suburbs to see my kids who are scattered over Adelaide.

  2. Highriser, Mummy is playing you like a violin virtuoso. Been there, been played and still jumping at the first cord. Run away now.

  3. my Nan doesn't drive, but she's not adverse to public transport or walking. Mind you we live 500m apart and she hasn't been to mine in weeks and weeks. Months even. Slacker!

  4. As River said - buy her a ticket to wherever.
    On second thoughts - she should have a freebie pensioner ticket to use at least once per year, make her use it, attach some value to it ("Gosh, Mother, did you know you could travel to Upper Comebuckta West for FREE?! and it's worth 3 trillion dollars?!").
    Senior card holders get to train it free every Sunday (suburban) get her using it by dangling temptations involving Maccas at St Kilda.
    Or save your breath ;)

  5. River, can I give you her number and you can tell her? At her age, she just isn't going to change.

    She is Jah Teh, but she also knows how far she can go.

    Fen, no need for her to visit you if you visit her. She cook you a nice meal at times?

    Jayne, Seniors get it free on Saturday too now if they have Mickey card. Breath has been saved, thank you.

  6. HMMMM - I help mine but warn them that I am buying my way out of the nursing home!!!!

  7. Haha, that is clever MC.