Thursday, April 28, 2011

I am ropeable

Right, that's me and royals done. I have been whipped into a state of hysteria by the BBC and the royals censoring our ABC and their alternative coverage of the wedding. I would I have been one man, there would have been one more and a dog, who either recorded or watched live the ABC2 coverage of the wedding with a commentary on the live broadcast by the Chaser team.

Some are worried that the Chasers would be disrespectful, irreverent and god forbid, funny. Well, that is what they get paid to do. And what better to target than the pompous wedding of a non elected future ruler who is paid out of the public purse.

BBC, you are disgrace for kowtowing to the royals. How dare you threaten to pull the plug on the feed to our ABC if the Chaser broadcaster went ahead. Like the royals would stop the BBC broadcasting the wedding because of a tv show in the Colony of Australia that may have a 100,000 viewers, if that. You have made fools of us, wasted people's time and money and treated us with disrespect. Now you can just piss orf and take those English parasites with you.

R indicated that he wasn't interested in watching the wedding, so I will ensure we have sufficient recorded tv to cover the period.

The Age story here.

From The Guardian.

To Australia, that fabled young country, where a TV comedy troupe perceives itself to have been personally insulted by the Queen, Clarence House, and the BBC. The Chaser team are contracted to the ABC network, and had hoped to layer droll commentary on top of the live BBC coverage being provided to foreign rights holders. Alas, the fairly standard broadcast agreement forbids this – which senior executives have taken as some kind of international diplomatic insult.

"Clearly, the BBC and Clarence House have decided The Chaser aren't acceptable," fumes ABC director Kim Dalton, rather sweetly imagining that either of the above has the remotest idea who The Chaser are. As for the Aussie satirists themselves, they say: "The Chaser team accepts that the ABC has been put in an impossible position by people acting on behalf of the royal family."

Well quite – and it does seem wildly short sighted of the BBC, who seem to have forgotten that the boot will one day be on the other foot. After all, at some point in the future, tragic Steve Irwin's daughter Binky is going to get married, and the Beeb has just condemned British viewers to an unleavened four-hour state ceremony from the Crocosseum. Another spectacular cock-up by the cultural relativism department, all told, and we can only offer Australia our sincerest apologies.


  1. Well I read about this the other day, and it's the Clarence house feed that has it's own terms of service.

    So if the ABC wants to televise the proceedings it has to follow the terms..
    Sounds reasonable to me. When you install a new program - terms of service.

    It's not a new thing and certainly not something to get your knickers in a twist mate!
    Clarance house contract forbids its use(the wedding show) in "any drama, comedy, satirical or similar entertainment program or content."

  2. Clarence House is in a position of power over the supposedly independent BBC? If the BBC signed such a contact, it made an error. It can't be an all purpose contract as the royals have been satirised on BBC programmes.

  3. All just makes The Chaser team more legendary, and god knows what Deveny will Tweet and they are too dumb to stop her in advance.
    Friday night there will be more wine drinking and laptopping in front of the flatscreen in Australia than anywhere else.
    Clarence House has a nerve getting huffy about 'disrespect', and there are a dozen other reasons why Clarence House has a nerve getting huffy. Do they think we have forgotten Prick Chucks' tamponous desires? His pre-wedding night with Cowmilla on the honeymoon train fer chrissakes. God they're idiots.
    Reason No.12 is that Princk Chuck has animals with erections (and I don't mean tents or buildings) on his coat of arms. Please do visit my blog for the image.

  4. Quite so Ann. To get a mention in The Guardian is quite a coup. I am off to add Ms Deveny to my Twitter now. Old grumpy face aside, royals are hardly moral examples. Look at some of the despots who are coming to the wedding. Remember when old Liz invited Idi Amin to a royal dinner.

  5. Actually if anyone should be refused access to the coverage it is the ex Big Brother contestant who is co-hosting Channel 10's broadcast and whose wit is of no match to that of The Chasers yet that broadcast is proceeding.

  6. what pissed me off more was the morons ringing up 774 this morning saying they're glad the Chasers can't interrupt the wedding. LIKE THEY WERE GOING TO ACTUALLY BE THERE. The stupid annoying fill in didn't once correct them either.

    Eff you royal wedding, I choose to listen to dance music instead.

  7. Victor, something like the Seven o'clock show. And Dame Edna.

    Fen, minimal audience for Chaser. So many less would know about it being on if it hadn't been bad. Now half we Aussies hate BBC, royals, and England.

  8. The ABC should let The Chaser broadcast it's programme afterwards (when the feed cannot be pulled).

    More discerning viewers can then boycott the "official" coverage and watch the preferred Chaser version later on.

  9. P&C, I guess ABC does not want bad feeling with the BBC.