Thursday, April 28, 2011

Chaser Responds


  1. The Chasers are incorrect in one respect. The last 'big' Australian wedding was that between ex Dr Edelsten and that blonde bird whose name escapes me except that I think it is Brynne somebody.

  2. ... and Charlene's sister Ddaannii married that actor son of Sonia, Lady McMan who did not attend.
    It's a 'big' wedding if it makes a magazine cover.
    The Chaser letter will not get past the sorters at the Buck House P.O., and they should not have said 'Madam' but Mam, and it should have started with
    Your Majesty.
    Of course, yet again, Her Maj is blamed for something that somebody else did, in this case the BBC.

  3. And Victor, it just so happens that you have mentioned the Brynne in your latest post.

    MS, I think Dina lusts after McMahon the younger, from memory. I doubt they even sent the letter.