Tuesday, April 26, 2011


We have been to Almazett a few times. It has always been good. We did not know in advance, but last time, there was a belly dancer. That was fun.

I booked in advance this time for ten people. I hate the responsibility of booking. The numbers dropped to eight. It ended up being for eleven people, so an extra chair had to be added.

R was abruptly spoken to by a waiter as he entered with six of us. Are you with them?, as he pointed to a group of people. Strike one. No, R was actually with the people he was arriving with.

Our dyke friend and her ex were with us. They have been to Almazett many times and eaten the Mezza menu. While we were happy with Mezza, they wanted to order separately. Not possible waiting staff told them if the rest of us were having Mezza. Why on earth could they not have been treated as a separate table? Next time I will book two tables, except there won't be a next time.

Our dyke friends not being able to order separately was what really got up my goat's nose.

Positive, the food was excellent as it always has been.

Come time to pay, four of us had discount cards. Sorry, not accepted today, Easter Monday. I had heard of this public holiday thing already so I checked in advance. I saw nothing about Easter Monday, which also coincided with Anzac Day but I lacked confidence to speak up.

Ex Northern Territory Politician/Policeman rang the restaurant once he was home and checked the vouchers book. Almazett was wrong. The discount cards should have been honoured. He drove back to the restaurant and collected the cash difference, $11 per person.

The last course is coffee you pour yourself from a pot. Dyke friend's ex asked for sugar but it was not forthcoming. Some scraping up of icing sugar from Turkish Delight almost made do.

Nah, over Almazett. I don't need such stress in my life. I am tolerant with restaurant problems, but there were just to many. While none of is would say it, it was a crap experience.


  1. An alternative might be this place. http://www.kanzaman.com.au/

    We've been there a few times and enjoyed it. (Of course as soon as you recommend a restaurant, the people who take your recommendation are guaranteed to have a crap experience.)

  2. It's a shame that you had a bad experience.

    Spouse and I don't eat meat so Almazett is one of the special places that will bend over backwards to provide equally delicious alternatives.

    The other great thing is that Labour Party functions in this electorate are always held at Almazett, because for a fair price they can cater for Jews, Muslims, vegetarians and any other special requirement.

  3. Yes indeed LS. Recommending is dangerous. Your suggestion looks fine. Almazett is very convenient for us with no parking hassles.

    Hels, I suppose I shouldn't be harsh as we have had very nice experiences there but not allowing our friends on our table to order a la carte really annoyed me. Interesting about Labor Party functions being held there. Have you tried vegetarian Soul Mama in St Kilda?

  4. some places are so far up themselves why bother