Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wot's on the box?

Stick with Aussie this time.

R is rather fond of watching My Kitchen Rules. I pay attention to the show at times but without enthusiasm. You know something? I have never seen anyone I like on the show. Clearly the show is constructed in a certain way, but not one person I have seen gave me any feeling of warmth towards them. As for the judges, well they are the just downright horrible, especially the frog Frenchman.

Packed to the Rafters is not a bad show as such shows go. Of course I don't watch it, but R does, and once again my attention is dragged from this small screen to the big one. The series has finished, but wait, a new show is starting made by the same makers. When a new show has to promote itself by saying it is made by the same team as 'Rafters', then I am not expecting much. I am so excited about the new show, I can't even recall its name. Rafters obviously had a bit of money spent on production. I doubt the new show has. I hope I am wrong.

What I have been tuning into of late is ABC's First Tuesday Book Club. Marieke Hardy looked gorgeous tonight, with the fishnets a nice finishing touch. Jennifer Byrne is an attractive woman too but some many decades ago stockings were invented, which flatter the legs of older women. Why on earth didn't Jennifer have stockings on?

Surely you didn't expect me to write about the books talked about on the show did you?


  1. Anonymous9:44 pm

    i don't know why but i find marieke hardy very annoying. she's intelligent, articulate, she writes for a living....i think it's that ridiculous hawaiian flower thing she pins behind her ear.
    and i find jennifer byrne's enthusiasm very fake in a hollyweird sort of way. can you tell Ive just been through menopause?

  2. Hello! You're still blogging... I love it. De-lurking myself to say hello. Agree re Jennifer's stockings. Enjoying The Biggest Loser also! The new Packed to the Rafters series looks silly. Thank you Green Guide for that info.

  3. Info, I agree with you on all counts. I don't like Marieke because she never replied to my comment when she had a blog. Petty hey. Jennifer does gush a bit, but a dry discussion writing might not make good television.

    Hiya Rosanna. Not caught the Biggest Loser. Is that the weight loss show?

  4. I previously expressed my admiration for the Frenchman's looks, a point of view you destroyed with a machinegun when I made it so I admire your consistency if not your taste in men.

    I'm also rather taken with the two Sydney 'friends since school days' - the sleepy eyed fair haired one and his cocky dark haired mate - who I hoped might be a gay couple but who clearly are rodram straight.

  5. I used to like Marieke, then something changed. Not even sure what it is, but I cannot stand her now, I find her infuriatingly fake and smug. In short I would like to punch her in the box.

  6. The judges aren't bad looking Victor. Manu? looks to be stacking it on a bit though. Funny how two mature men can't be close friends without every one being suspicious. Perhaps they can, but not if they cook together.

    Fen, I wonder what her great aunt Mary would have made of her. She was very very down to earth. I just checked to see if you had posted anything about your new friend then I checked FB. Sorry.