Thursday, March 03, 2011

A Second Kitchen

I don't know too much about modern houses with outdoor kitchens. I have not actually seen one, but since when does lack of knowledge ever keep my fingers still?

We have seen some camper vans with external fold out facilities, such as cooking hotplates, a sink and a cutting board. Assuming the weather was ok, these would be very useful.

Many years ago an Asian born workmate told me of his outside shed, which sounded rather grander than a shed, and out there he and his wife had a couple of wok burners installed and a sink with a draining board. It saved messing and smelling up the house, he explained, and kept their kitchen clean.

Hmm, this is what happens when the kitchen becomes a showroom rather than a utility room.

Now it seems outdoor kitchens come in wonderful shapes and sizes and from closed in to quite open to the elements and so the kitchen within the house can remain spotless. This is just not quite making sense to me. Regardless where your kitchen is, it is still going to need cleaning. Fat and oil will still spatter, egg whites will still drip when you crack them, capsicum seeds will still escape the fruit.

And then there is the weather. Sorry hon, it is too hot/cold/windy to cook in our outdoor kitchen. Could I please use the indoor kitchen? Pretty please? I promise to restore it to its original condition. There won't be a drop of balsamic vinegar, nor a splash of extra virgin cold pressed oil marring any surface.

To me it sounds awfully like just having another kitchen to keep clean.

Mock though I might. Our black polished granite benchtops were shined with Windex tonight, as they often are. I just would not want to have to do the same outside as well.


  1. A lot of asian countries have their kitchens set up outside on their balconies. My cousin has an awesome pizza oven outside, it's under cover though so is okay for all elements.

  2. Agree utterly. I have a similar thing about two bathrooms too.

    Why have two to clean? I like the idea of the loo being separate but have never understood why an 'ensuite' that is usually tiny is supposed to host two grown adults so that they can each hear the other's 'drops and plops' within metres of the bed and the kids get a huge room all to themselves?

  3. Fen, outside pizza ovens are odd to me. It is so easy to get one delivered.

    Agree about the en suite Kath. Doesn't do much for romance or mystery. I have an en suite but I am the only one who sleeps in my room, effectively two private bathrooms. R only goes into to mine to clean it.

  4. I think they are going to use some camper vans in certain areas as temporary accommodation in Chch.

  5. Most OZ homes already have a 2nd outdoor kitchen - it's called the BBQ, but has its own cleaning rituals!!!

  6. An outdoor kitchen to me is code for an out of control BBQ area. It all starts with a simple BBQ, but over time you add bits and replace older bits and end up with a kitchen. Of course I guess people these days just build it properly from the outset...

  7. Better than nothing KN, but pretty tedious after a week or so.

    Red, thanks for reminding me that ours needs a good scraping.

    Ben, it seems like they do build outdoor kitchens in new homes. Love the phrase out of control barbecue area.