Saturday, March 05, 2011

A relaxing Saturday

Bone Doctor, that is Sister's girlfriend/life partner/whatever, and Little Jo stayed last night. Bone Doctor had an important exam in the city today. Sister had swimming classes to teach, so the St Kilda Road babysitters will look after Little Jo for the day.

I have not seen Mother since christmas, so maybe I can kill two birds with one stone. We took Little Jo to see Nanny. Little Jo ate a little cereal for breakfast. She refused the toast with honey. I wrapped them up for later because she would get hungry. Sure enough, half way to see Nanny, I'm hungry.

We were in Sister's car because it has the baby seat in it. It is a manual. I have driven it a few times over the last couple of years around town. Once on the freeway, I thought it was revving a bit hard. Perhaps it has a fifth gear? The stick went across but I could not remember which way was was reverse. I bit my lip and shoved the stick forward and sure enough, it has a fifth gear. Much quieter. I suppose there was a diagram on the top of the gear stick, but it must have worn off.

ABI Brother has been suffering a water problem. His downpipe was blocked and Tradie Brother had taken a look at it after his lounge room carpet had been ruined for a second time in one year.

Tree roots and decomposed leaves was the diagnosis, but right through the whole storm water piping. A bob cat and back hoe attended and new pipes were laid and the garden ruined. So after seeing Nanny for a minutes, we went up to ABI Brother's to see the work in progress. What a mess. Little Jo managed to break a cup of ABI Brother's while on her dancing floor, the bare concrete where the carpet was lifted. She did not tell anyone but immediately came out and insisted we take her to the park, now. ABI Brother discovered the broken cup and brought it out for all to see. Little Jo looked guilty and I made her say sorry to her Uncle ABI. He had to leave to go and umpire cricket, so we left too.

Back to pick up Nanny and we took her to buy some seedlings for garden, Little Jo insisted on us buying a plant to take home to Mummy later. Then to the supermarket for Nanny's bread and a pie for Nanny's dinner from the bakery. Then onto Chemist Warehouse for Nanny's pills and potions and then to Nanny's Restaurant for lunch, aka McDonalds. Nanny likes the restaurant but Little Jo only really likes it because of the play area, although Little Jo is fond of dipping some french fries into a strawberry thickshake. Don't tell your mother.

Back to ABI Brother's place so Nanny could see the mess. It was a miracle. The pipes had been replaced and the trenches backfilled. But the inside of ABI Brother's place was a mess too. Aside from lounge room furniture piled in the dining room, the kitchen and bathrooms were filthy, not untidy mind you, just dirty. The fridge, inside and out, the fronts of the cupboards and he is obsessed with saving water. He leaves water in the sink and basin to use later. He flushes his toilet with a bucket of saved water from the washing machine. He was not there at that point and I emptied all the basins and sinks and turned the tap on for the toilet cistern. He will probably whinge to Mother about me doing that, but too bad. He has a lot on his plate at the moment, including a visit to New Zealand where his itinerary had him flying into and staying for a bit in Christchurch later this month. He will have a huge job getting his outdoor area backs to some sort of normality when he returns, but eventually I will tell him he needs to spring clean. R and I could do it in an hour and we may well do.

Actually we killed three birds with one stone as Sister does not have to go and see Mother with Little Jo now for a couple of weeks. We went back to Nanny's for jelly. Nanny always makes jelly for Little Jo. We all had some. Nanny's forty year old lemon tree threatens to die, but it still produces lemons. A Meyer, I think. The easy ones had been picked off so I strained to reach some and cut my hand on a thorn. R climbed the tree and got some more.

By then it was three o'clock and I could not imagine driving home, but I did it, exhausted as I was. Mother exhausts me, as does Little Jo. Combining them both, I was absolutely munted.

Little Jo did not sleep on the way home as R sat in the back with her and while he dropped off, she quickly whacked him a book to wake him. She had no intention of sleeping while she had a companion to amuse her.

Bone Doctor thought she might be back by four but it was five, so Little Jo and R watched a dvd. Once Bone Doctor was here, I just wished she and Little Jo would leave. My head was pounding, I felt dehydrated and just so so tired. R admires how I never get tired and never nap, but I was just absolutely munted tonight.

Last night R entertained Little Jo by making cakes, icing them and then dipping them into hundred thousands. Sorry for errors. I am very weary.


  1. Anonymous11:54 pm

    Busy day!

  2. Uncle R and Uncle A-rew are just the best uncles a Princess could possibly have (and seriously valuable brothers and sons as well).

  3. Munted is a perfect word.
    Don't tell your mother!

  4. Yes, I used to think I had a pretty extensive vocabulary ... but I'm learning so much! Keep it up!!

  5. Somewhat Scott, somewhat.

    We are good Ann. Sis in Law's family is in disarray with sister's fighting among each other and this cousin not talking to this one. Not sure why that doesn't happen in our family.

    Love it Jayne.

    Red, we had a Kiwi friend for quite some time and I learned many words from her, but munted was a newie for me.

  6. Wow what a day - a good thing she wasn't twins! Wonder how the octomum goes!

  7. I'm not surprised you were tired - I felt exhausted just *reading* about your day!

  8. Octomum MC?

    I am not surprised Kath. It was a bit wordy but therapeutic. Thanks for reading.

  9. wow sounds like hard work. I now have a craving for cup cakes!

  10. Make your own Fen. They are very expensive to buy now.