Thursday, March 03, 2011

Pressing a crease

The brand name of our iron is Shark. It was heavily discounted at a department store and although the brand name was not familiar to us, it has turned out to be an excellent iron and does not knock out the circuit all the time like our last Sunbeam model.

I only iron shirts, not work shirts though. They are so light, I chuck them in the clothes dryer and they dry in no time and don't really need ironing. I iron the shirts that I wear day to day when I am not working. I iron handkerchiefs too, which I rarely use for their intended purpose, but they just get grubby when carted around. R irons all of his clothes after they are washed and dried. There was the day when he used to iron all my clothes too.

On Saturday we are looking after Little Jo. I will host an experiment. I will set up the ironing board and iron a shirt. The question I will be looking for from Little Jo is, Auntie Andrew, what are you doing? I do know my sister and there is quite a good chance that Little Jo has never seen anyone iron clothes.


  1. I haven't ironed anything in years, not even my work clothes and I work in a supermarket where I'm "on show" everyday.

  2. I don't even have an ironing board! I do have an iron though.

  3. Anonymous9:13 am

    I am so anal with ironing, I iron everything including the bed linen, underwear, boxer shorts, tea towels et all.

  4. I'll never forget when we were staying at my sister's place one time. She was vacuuming and Bert piped up with "Aunty Helly, what's that thing?"

  5. River, if you are careful, you can get away with it.

    Fen, my mother irons on a table, not an ironing board. Don't know how she does it.

    Anon, not the undies, but R irons all those things.

    Tony, did Aunty Helly raise critical eyebrow in your direction?

  6. Scary what the younger generations haven't, and never will experience!! Then again, there's something to be said for not knowing how to iron!!

  7. Red, I never learnt until I was about 30. Household management went on strike and I had to do it myself.

  8. Anonymous12:33 am

    I hate ironing and decided years ago it was totally unnecessary.

    If you play your cards right on Saturday, you may just have a new ironing enthusiest who can practice on your shirts! V.

  9. V, I think I will give that a miss. Even R has wrecked a shirt of mine with the iron.