Monday, March 14, 2011

Moseying about St Kilda

I took a second shot of this cenotaph? that sits beside Jacka Boulevard in St Kilda and managed to include its top, but this photo is more interesting because it shows some kind of bracket on the Esplanade fence. Most of the fence is ugly Besser brick type construction but a bit of the old remains. I guess it is the remains of a lighting bracket.

Some rich person is dead and a funeral is being held at the yacht club. Note the lone piper on the far right.

Much work was done at the bottom area of Fitzroy Street, including the construction of a raised platform tram stop. Apart from my issues with the stupid traffic lights that don't have a green phase, I think it was quite nicely designed.

This small triangular park is called Cleve Gardens but perhaps better known as The Triangle. It is historically important to Aborigines but they no longer gather there since former State Premier Jeff Kennett had the toilet block torn down and efforts were made to move them on elsewhere to make the area look better for the inaugural Melbourne Grand Pricks car race. At night time rent bois used to hang around the park and motorists would pull up on the bit of the road that can be seen on the left. This neglected fountain is a memorial to Edwin Knox who fought in the Boer War.

There is a bit of a blurb about the traditional owners at the bottom of this sign.


  1. Interesting post.

  2. I don't make it over to St Kilda very often - last time was on Melbourne Cup Day when we were desperate to get out of our neighbourhood and away from the drunken crowds.

    Might have to go there again for another mosey around.

  3. It's a pretty area with a nice bit of history.

  4. Thanks J Bar.

    Best avoided at weekends Kath.

    Marvellous history to River.

  5. Such a lovely place to mosey about :)

  6. It is nice when it is quite Ian. But that is rare nowadays.