Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Moseying about the Arts Centre Pt 1

The Arts Centre Precinct is a phrase heard at time of late. While I am familiar with all of the Arts Centre buildings, inside and out and the area too, I decided to experience coffee at the Arts Centre Precinct.

I alighted from the bus and I think it was a day or so after the Chch earthquake. For some reason I found this poster reassuring. New Zealand will survive. It will go on. Christchurch will live again.

I thought this angle might make a nice photo. What a change after the fountains were empty and not functioning for so long. At great expense a water catchment system has been installed and storage tanks added, of course not needed now. I consider the decision to shut off all of Melbourne's water features during the drought a disgrace. What is the figure Melbourne uses of the state's water supply? Fifteen per cent or something like that. Our fountains are so important to the appearance of the city and would only use the tiniest amount of water. There is untold riches at the base of the water, so many coins thrown in for good luck. I have seen guards out remonstrating with fisher lads.

Former Premier Jeff Kennett wanted to get rid of Victoria's National Gallery water wall when the gallery was renovated. After loud protests, our much loved water wall at the gallery entrance was redesigned and rebuilt.

The Speigeltent. I am not sure if it is the one from Belgium and/or the one Marlene Dietrich performed in. It used to be here in October but now having it here in mid and late summer means air con had to be added. Pity they couldn't put the ducts around the back. Water spirals downwards from the central part of the fountain and spills into the red scoria tone filled bed and then flows down into the fountains in the earlier photo. Leaves are often trapped on the scoria. I have never thought it looked much.

I leant over my fellow tram passenger as I was passing by, one Patsy King, aka Governor Erica Davidson from the tv show Prisoner and said to her, I can't miss a snap of this. I took the photo out the tram window with my phone. Later the tram was craned into position and is now a quite a cool bar. Mrs Davidson queried what the tram was for. I didn't know.

Works well I reckon.

It was sunny with a nice cool breeze. I stretched out upon a comfy couch and sipped my long black while observing the passing parade.


  1. It's great to see that they haven't mess around with the Art Centre and LOVE the fact that the water wall is back!


  2. Oops Michael, wait for Part 2 where there is considerable messing about.

  3. I am with Michael re the water wall, I remember takjing a group of school kids there a few years back and it mesmerised them completely :)

  4. That water wall is magic, it's such a soothing (hynotic) pleasure to watch :)

  5. Kids just love it Cazzie. Of course they want to touch it too..

    Water and fire Jayne. Both hypnotic.