Monday, March 14, 2011

It is the little things

From the Queensland floods it was story of the man who threw his son out of his floating car into a tree that got me. He and his son survived, but his wife and daughter did not and remained trapped in the car and drowned.

I read on two different New Zealand websites about the woman who was in the earthquake and she escaped with minor injuries. She walked down the street heading for home almost naked. Her husband in another building was killed. She arrived home to find it destroyed. Her car was trashed. Her husband's car in the city was crushed. She had nothing left.

I am normally news hungry, and that includes disasters, but what has happened in Japan is beyond my hunger.

It was curious today. I ashamed to admit we were in Maccas in Elsternwick for a cheap bite to eat. That was after having a bacon and egg breakfast across the road at out local cafe. Given McDonalds is supposed to be a restaurant for kids, how inappropriate was it to have news coverage of Japan on the tv screen and over the loudspeakers? Kids ought not get news of disasters. They have plenty of adult years for that. However we caught that there was another tsunami heading for the east coast and that another nuclear reactor had blown up. Channel 9 went live to air with the news. Once back in the car we tuned to ABC News Radio and there was no talk of tsunami. I explained to R, ABC will be waiting to verify facts before going to air with the info. Sure enough, there was not a second tsunami.

It may just because we have a friend in Japan, or that we were there last year and travelled through Sendai and Hachinoehe, but I can no longer cope with tv pictures and recorded footage from Japan. Of course I will listen to the radio, but no more video footage. I am tuning out from the visuals. Cheers, thanks.


  1. It has become too much - disaster fatigue, the well of despair is drying up and self-preservation is kicking in.
    The Japanese disaster is just too much, news and papers are being avoided here, too much saddness and sorrow.

  2. I have a high disaster fatigue level Jayne, but this one has beaten me.

  3. The hospital has installed a television right above where I sit for patients awaiting admission and it's location means I have some control over what is screened and I've been tending focus on light entertainment rather than stressful material.

    Yesterday I switched over from 'Oprah' when I realised that the entire hour was about men who beat up women. I have turned into an unofficial censor (moderator?) for the hospital.

    Lately ABC1 has been screening Audrey Hepburn movies at lunchtime on Fridays. These have been very popular with the waiting patients (and some staff who sneek a look too).

  4. Sounds like you would make a fine Chief Censor Victor.