Friday, March 18, 2011

Clear the Way #77

I drove down High Street yesterday about 4.00pm, through Prahran, Armadale and Malvern. What a bitch of a drive. Stop start, stop start. Seven minutes to get from Kooyong Road to Malvern Town Hall, five minutes to get to Tooronga Road. What a difference to a couple of months ago when the extended clearways were introduced when it would have taken perhaps three minutes for the trip between Kooyong Road and Tooronga Road. Thanks Teddy Baills and your posh shop keeper mates.

On my return journey the clearway was in full force, after 4.30, and the traffic was just sailing along, except for where there were parked cars. There were a lot of parked cars in the clearway and not a sign of a tow away zone tow truck in sight. I can only assume the clearway shopkeepers in the City of Stonnington have not only had a victory for clearway reduction times, they have also had the tow trucks called off.

Well done ex Mayor Tim Smith and City of Yarra businessman pratt Herschel Landes.

Of course clearways are optional for the wealthy shoppers of South Yarra and Toorak. Their main thoroughfare, Toorak Road, has a peak time clearway, but no worries, you are rich, pay the fine. You won't be inconvenienced by having your car towed. No tow away zones in Toorak Raod.

For all this nonsense, I blame the previous state Labor government. They announced the extended clearways as a grandiose mistaken vote getting exercise instead of letting Vic Roads doing it administratively with a low key enforcement until it was well bedded in and widely known. Instead Labor lost the seat of Prahran, probably in a great part due to the clearway issue.

I actually don't know who is right and who is wrong in this case. I like a clear traffic flow, especially for on street pubic transport, but these are local villages for local people. Regardless, City of Stonnington is a pro business lobby force. City of Yarra is supposed to be a lefty council and pro public transport. Yet they went to bed with City of Stonnington to oppose the free flowing of trams along Victoria Street in extended peak hours. I think I hate Yarra more, if only for their duplicity.


  1. yeh i always hate travelling in those areas due to the congestion on the roads. Meh.

  2. School pick up time is the worst Fen. How many damn 4wds are there in Melbourne.

  3. I too "like a clear traffic flow, especially for on street pubic transport"
    not that I am transported that often, on the street.