Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Fridy nights teas

Last Friday night we ate with our dyke friend at The Humble House in Church Street, Brighton. The cuisine was mixed Asian. It was a good place but we can get food just as good considerably cheaper elsewhere. Church Street really is the creme de la creme of Brighton......but even so, there are still discarded cigarette butts on the paving. Middle Brighton Station serves the area. The Church Street level crossing is so low impact, you barely notice it in the relatively narrow street. Two Indian students walked along the the street and how they stood out. What they were doing there who knows. Church Street represents a very tiny percentage of the real Australia, but it is a nice place to dip your toe into.

The week before, I suggested to R that we eat somewhere at Station Pier. Come the Friday night he was quite excited and had been telling people at work. I knew the restaurants there were a bit on the expensive side for us, but I figured they would probably be in the entertainment book with a two for one. Worst case, we can have fish and chips from D'lish.

We checked out the three restaurants, and yes they were on the expensive side. We went back to the car and none were in the book. We agreed we could not justify the cost of the food., which with drinks would probably have been $100. There was an palpable air of disappointment in the air though, and then we spotted another place.

It was some sort of old wharf building, turned into a cafe. We had a fine meal of fish with lime on a bed of sticky rice with greens. To entertain us, the ferry from Tasmania had just arrived and we watched all the unloadings and then the loadings. It was very interesting. After we left we had no idea of the name of where we had eaten. I took a couple of photos with my phone, but then a week or so later when I went there to see the Queen Elizabeth in port, I got the name. Seems it is also a live music venue. I can highly recommend Roxy. They even have the world famous Frankie Knuckles house music dj there in a few days. What could I wear?......Nah.

Victor once pondered how I managed to not get people in my photos. The place was quite busy, but obviously not when I took the snap. No people in photos must be just a talent I have. Perhaps an unfortunate talent.


  1. I can never get a photo without people in it at Sydney's waterfront locations.

    Perhaps if I tried at midnight? Come to think of it I often was at Sydney waterfront locations around midnight when I was younger but never with camera in hand.

  2. nothing humble house about Church Street Braghton!
    I had a cafe there once.
    Did you know Frankie Knuckles owns a house in Frankston?

  3. oooh Victor - I cover the waterfront too.

  4. That dinner sounds delicious, Andrew. An interesting view too.

    I wish people would stop throwing cig butts on the street.

    Why not an education campaign similar to Slip,Slop etc? This littering issue has been bugging me for ages. The state of the Merri Creek after the rains was absolutely disgusting.

  5. Victor, maybe I look scary and people disappear when they see me with a camera. No comment on nocturnal wanderings.

    Didn't know that about Knuckles Ann. He is here in Melbourne often.

    LiD, not only butts but plastic water bottles. I counted about two dozen in fifteen minutes floating down the Yarra after the heavy rain.

  6. Mr.Knuckles likes Frankston because nobody recognises him. Frankston!!

  7. ha ha Frankie is still about? Carl Cox used to live in Frankston too, I wonder if he still does.

  8. Anonymous9:44 am

    I understand Carl Cox and Frankie Knuckles both live here six months of the year. They seem to alternate and play Mardi Gras every couple of years.

  9. Naughty Emstacks.

    See Anon's remark Fen.

    I don't know Carl Cox at all.