Saturday, March 19, 2011


This is a duck. A Victorian duck. Look out duckie, someone is gunning for you.

Unlike most states of Australia, Victoria allows duck hunting for a limited period. The period has been suspended for a few years, but now we out of drought, Teddy Baills has restored the duck hunting season. 'Tis a queer thing to me that people like pointing guns at ducks and shooting them dead. Well, I suppose I can be a bit kinky at times, but I really don't get the shooting of birds and animals for pleasure. Why don't they do the real man stuff and go off and shoot feral pigs or something and improve the environment? At least then they could justify their weird pleasure with them doing something useful.

Funnily, co-coincidently, yesterday I noticed a duck crossing warning road sign in Albert Road. So you can shoot them dead, or kind of almost miss and leave them to a lingering death, but god forbid you drive over them and instantly kill them, especially the ducklings that are so cute.


  1. Sun-Herald headline:

    Donald: Duck hunt protester shot.

    Their online poll is 53% in favour of shooting season. idiots.

  2. Clever headline. The poll result says a bit about the Hun's readers.

  3. A colleague working with injured birds tells me that many of the older birds seem to figure out it is duck hunting season and fly to people's backyard pools etc. I guess they recognise the hunter's vehicles and camp sites.

    She also tells me how non-targeted species are forced into the air and are too afraid to land. She's seen swans drop from the sky from exhaustion.

    Seems so unnecessary.

  4. And we call ourselves civilised. Apparently in SA farmers can get licenses to destroy Southern Hairy Nosed Wombats who 'degrade' their land. And the duck-hunting thing is fraught becase often endangered species (and people!) are shot because hunters can't tell the difference between duck species, and apparently not between ducks and humans either. I (sadly) rest my case.

  5. I've heard of them taking refuge in swimming pools AdRad. But I am thinking that as the hunting season hasn't been allowed for a while, they may have lost the knowledge. I really hope the last part is a myth.

    Red, they used to throw a stick of 'gelly' down wombat holes when I was a kid. Occasionally a duck hunter will score an own goal, such as happened yesterday when someone blasted their hand. Satisfaction.

  6. Such a cruel and pointless thing that I refuse to call 'sport.'

    Better if the hunters took pot shots at each other and asked the ducks to help the losers....

  7. Hardly sport is it Kath. Sport implies some sort of equality of opponents.