Friday, March 04, 2011

Clearing Photos 12

Maybe this solicitor needs to update his signage. Bankcard is no more. I think Bankcard arrived in 1970s. My first boyfriend was fond of telling the tale of a no hoper bloke he knew in the seventies who received in the post a Bankcard for him to use with a credit limit of $500. Naturally he used the $500 and never repaid it. Just a couple of years later, R applied for a Bankcard but was deemed unworthy. He no longer banks with 'which' bank. Did New Zealand have the same Bankcard?


  1. We did. I can't remember if I ever had one or not.... that is too long ago!!

  2. OOH, i had forgotten about bankcards.

  3. How can you not remember KN? Hmmm, I assume I had one. I can't really remember either.

    Fen, once Visa and Mastercard arrived, Bankcard quickly became unfashionable.

  4. And in fine condition J Bar.


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