Saturday, March 05, 2011

07/07/05 inquest continues

I like the tv show Spooks. It is gripping and while their agents sometimes die, MI5 always win by protecting the general public and the British way of life.

MI5 has been undergoing interrogation under the glare of the coroner Lady Justice Hallet at the inquest into the London bombings of 2005. MI5 and regional police are looking somewhat like the Keystone Cops.

Hallet seems to have little tolerance for the management speak.

Lady Justice Hallett unleashed her frustration at Gary Reason, the assistant commissioner of London Fire Brigade, on the final day of evidence, after five months of daily sittings and hearing from more than 300 witnesses, referring to the consistent use of "management speak" throughout the inquest.

On the term "conference demountable unit", used to describe a portable incident room, she said: "As far as I can tell, management jargon is taking over organisations and perfectly sensible, straightforward titles are being changed.

"This isn't just somebody being pedantic about the use of English, which it appears to be … when it comes to managing incidents, people don't understand what the other person is. I don't know whether a crew manager is somebody who is responsible for supplies or is used to fighting fires. I have no idea."

It is the final day of evidence but there will be more is to come about these organisations and a verdict from the coroner. From what I have read, they could not organise a piss up in a brewery, let alone provide a satisfactory response to emergencies. This does not mean the foot soldiers, it means management, management that is paid a lot of money to react in emergencies. They failed their reason for being.


  1. Spooks was wonderful for the first few series. oh swoony Mathew McFadyen! I keep meaning to do a then And Now post on how gorgeous Harry The Head was when young too.

    If everybody loathes management Speak, and Don Watson has a book on it, then why is it used?

    A Customer Outcome Facilitator is a shop assistant FFS.

  2. MI5 = 'Keystone Kops" and also re Libya MI6 = "Carry On Clandestinely"

    sheer amateur night, at the highest level. speechless.

  3. Harry was hot when he was young Ann. I haven't read Don Watson's book, but I did hear about it when it was published.

    Emstacks, farm guards, haha.